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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Sickness of Covid

Everything government officials told us during the pandemic was a lie. It was not a mistake, it was not bureaucratic confusion, it was a lie. Even after this information became available, they kept the narrative going – They kept people locked down, kept them masked and they even tried to force-vaccinate the population. There were Republican politicians that also went along with the panic, many of them fake Republicans like Mitt Romney.

1) The lockdowns did nothing to stop the spread, they were simply destroying our economy.

2) The masks were useless and did nothing to prevent transmission of the virus.

3) The IFR of covid was a tiny 0.23%, and that’s not accounting for all the co-morbidity deaths that were falsely labeled as covid deaths.

4) The vaccines did not prevent transmission for millions of people. They did not prevent infection in many cases and numerous vaccinated people have died from the virus. Not only that, but unvaccinated people with natural immunity were better protected than those that took the vaccine and boosters.

5) Studies show that the vaccines cause dangerous side effects at a much greater rate than the CDC admitte

I will never forget walking through the Salt Lake City airport on a 3 hour layover with no mask.   I was the only guy in Utah sneering at the masked gawkers, they all thought I had leprosy.   Love my status,  Pure blood, clot shot free!

Will be 70, life is good and getting better.  Eat right, work hard, exercise, read and pray is all I do. Try it. 

True change comes from within.  Don't underestimate your power, it's limitless.   

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