Monday, March 20, 2023

Conservative White Earth Chippewa vs. Liberal White Earth Chippewa

I will let you make the call. Maybe you are currently raising children. So you have kids? Then you best learn how to protect them from government over-reach.

We are on our own, always have been. I am in the conservative camp of ideology regarding gender issues. My take, two genders, one with a penis the other with a vagina. It's what Creator made.

Pretty simple from my part of the rez!

The once great state of Minnesota has a Lt. Governor who is a member of the White Earth Reservation, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe where I am a member. She is a Democrat and liberal who is making waves in the TRANS community. This tribal member recently signed an executive order that will force Minnesota state agencies to push “gender-affirming” health care.
She stated “Let’s be clear: this is life-affirming and life-saving health care,” adding “When our children tell us who they are, it is our job as grown-ups to listen and to believe them. That’s what it means to be a good parent.”

Here is where I stand.

We don't let children drive.

We don't let children buy guns.

We don't let children buy cigarettes.

We don't let children vote, because they are not capable of making a rational decision.

But we allow them to cut off their junk and take life-long hormone drugs?

Do you think allowing underage kids to have elective surgery without parental consent is wrong? I sure as hell do.

Do you think Doctors who perform this surgery should be reprimanded? I sure as hell do.

You see, life is hard and much harder when you are stupid.

On the reservation and off we are creating a future homeless population of drug addicted and depressed misfits. It's just one more thing to protect your children from. My father who spent a lifetime working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Law Enforcement would have called it correctly. He would have called her an evil child groomer. Minnesota is off the rails.

Minnesota reservations are no different than reservations in Nebraska, Montana, Wisconsin, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, you get the drift.   The Lt. Governor should focus on the important issues facing Indian country.  Issues like drug addiction, lack of 2 parent households, poverty, lack of work ethic, obesity, violence and low rates of education. 

God help us.


Clarence Louie for BIA HEAD (Bureau of Indian Affairs)

We should put him in charge of Indian Affairs!!!! 

What a refreshing indigenous leader!

With him in charge, Canadian taxpayers would save millions of dollars!

Chief Clarence Louie, Osoyoos BC speaking in Northern Alberta :

Speaking to a large aboriginal conference and some of the attendees, including a few who hold high office, have straggled in.

'I can't stand people who are late, he says into the microphone. Indian Time doesn't cut it. '
Some giggle, but no one is quite sure how far he is going to go. Just sit back and listen:

'My first rule for success is Show up on time.'
'My No. 2 rule for success is follow Rule No. 1.'
'If your life sucks, it's because you suck.'
'Quit your sniffling.'
'Join the real world. Go to school, or get a job.'
'Get off of welfare. Get off your butt.'

He pauses, seeming to gauge whether he dare, then does.
'People often say to me, How you doin'? Geez I'm working with Indians what do you think?'
Now they are openly laughing ..... applauding. Clarence Louie is everything that was advertised and more.

'Our ancestors worked for a living, he says. So should you.'

He is, fortunately, aboriginal himself. If someone else stood up and said these things - the white columnist standing there with his mouth open, for example - you'd be seen as a racist. Instead, Chief Clarence Louie is seen, increasingly, as one of the most interesting and innovative native leaders in the country even though he avoids national politics.

He has come here to Fort McMurray because the aboriginal community needs, desperately, to start talking about economic development and what all this multibillion-dollar oil madness might mean, for good and for bad.

Clarence Louie is chief and CEO of the Osoyoos Band in British Columbia's South Okanagan. He is 44 years old, though he looks like he would have been an infant when he began his remarkable 20-year-run as chief.. He took a band that had been declared bankrupt and taken over by Indian Affairs and he has turned in into an inspiration.

In 2000, the band set a goal of becoming self-sufficient in five years. They're there.

The Osoyoos, 432 strong, own, among other things, a vineyard, a winery, a golf course and a tourist resort, and they are partners in the Baldy Mountain ski development. They have more businesses per capita than any other first nation in Canada.

There are not only enough jobs for everyone, there are so many jobs being created that there are now members of 13 other tribal communities working for the Osoyoos. The little band contributes $40-million a year to the area economy.

Chief Louie is tough. He is as proud of the fact that his band fires its own people as well as hires them. He has his mottos posted throughout the Rez. He believes there is no such thing as consensus, that there will always be those who disagree. And, he says, he is milquetoast compared to his own mother when it comes to how today's lazy aboriginal youth, almost exclusively male, should be dealt with.

Rent a plane, she told him, and fly them all to Iraq. Dump'em off and all the ones who make it back are keepers. Right on, Mom.
The message he has brought here to the Chipewyan, Dene and Cree who live around the oil sands is equally direct: 'Get involved, create jobs and meaningful jobs, not just window dressing for the oil companies.'

'The biggest employer,' he says, 'shouldn't be the band office.'

He also says the time has come to get over it. 'No more whining about 100-year-old failed experiments.' 'No foolishly looking to the Queen to protect rights.'

Louie says aboriginals here and along the Mackenzie Valley should not look at any sharing in development as rocking-chair money but as investment opportunity to create sustainable businesses. He wants them to move beyond entry-level jobs to real jobs they earn all the way to the boardrooms. He wants to see business manners develop: showing up on time, working extra hours. The business lunch, he says, should be drive through, and then right back at it.

'You're going to lose your language and culture faster in poverty than you will in economic development', he says to those who say he is ignoring tradition.

Tough talk, at times shocking talk given the audience, but on this day in this community, they took it and, judging by the response, they loved it.

Eighty per cent like what I have to say, Louie says, twenty per cent don't. I always say to the 20 per cent, 'Get over it.' 'Chances are you're never going to see me again and I'm never going to see you again' 'Get some counseling.'

The first step, he says, is all about leadership. He prides himself on being a stay-home chief who looks after the potholes in his own backyard and wastes no time running around fighting 100-year-old battles.

'The biggest challenge will be how you treat your own people.'

'Blaming government? That time is over.'

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Best of Times!

Those were the days! Bell bottom pants on the trapline! Life was good and going to get a hell of a lot better. Running a trapline that spanned 5 counties prepared me with organization, time management and the most important detail, "the early bird gets the worm", get out of bed and get after it in the dark, you have half the world beat already!

In my lifetime or yours.......Doctors Orders

Will you ever in your life walk into a physicians waiting room and hear any of the following?   I am still hopeful but highly doubtful.

Dr. told me I need quality sleep, more than 7 hours.

Dr. told me I need to start walking every single day, rain or shine, at least 10,000 steps.

Dr. told me I have to change my nutrition and lay off processed foods, sugar and oils and start eating meat, fruit and vegetables. 

Dr. told me I have to get sunlight as much as possible.  

Dr. told me to take vitamins.

Dr. told me to drink water and no alcohol for a few days.

Dr. told me to throw out my pills and start to exercise at a gym.

Dr. told me it is necessary as i get older to lift light weights, every day.

Dr. told me I need to be my own doctor and listen to my body.   

I doubt any of the above will happen anytime soon.   It's like the treatment for natural immunity to China Covid. 

It won't happen because it is FREE! 

You're Dead Let's Disco

With all of the media focused on SVB and the shenanigans pulled by the Fed, regulators, Board of Directors, executive management, the VC community, private equity there is plenty of blame to go around.  Ultimately it is not a good thing where the second and third largest banks fail.

Here is a throw back to the old days.  When greed and mismanagement were on full display across Wall Street.

I worked for three of those firms.

Greed was the main culprit.  

Monday, March 13, 2023

Needing a used car in 1953?


December 1953


As a youngster I can remember the first time I was able to watch television that was "in color".

How cool was that?   Growing up with one television that only provided one TV station to watch wasn't todays idea of "diversity".

Lies, lies and more lies.

Believing these lies is easy for a country loaded with low information voters. 

Blowing up Nord stream pipeline

January 6th being an insurrection

Russian collusion

Covid escaping form Wuhan lab

Hunters laptop

WMD’s in Iraq

What did I miss?

Sunday, March 12, 2023

U.S. Incompetence

It is like watching Rome burn.  

America.  Greatest country the world has ever known.

The greed from the political class is simply amazing.  

It's a turd circus in Washington, D.C.!

Left or right, they all have their hands out.

I learned in law school that justice is bought with the price of your legal team.

The charlatans running this country are not shy about showing their lack of intelligence.

When the national media is in denial of what journalism is supposed to do you know we are in trouble. 

The current President has spent 309 days at his home in Delaware, that is 40% of his time as President on vacation.

He has dementia for those of you who think otherwise. 

Remember during Trump’s presidency when we had an inflation crisis, energy crisis, border security crisis, and banking crisis like we have now? 

Me neither.

It's one victory after another for low information voters.

Thursday, March 09, 2023

White Earth Reservation. Zero Science All Lies.

There are many Democrats in the Executive Offices of the White Earth Tribal Complex.  

The White Earth Band leadership bought the hoax of masking hook, line, sinker, spear, boat, and ricing canoe.  

With the great Band members getting advice like this from supposed "experts" it's no wonder the overall health of Band members is poor.   Obesity is killing my Tribe. 

Even the greatest liar, shill and thief to the American economy, Dr. Anthony Fauci told us so.

Fauci wrote: "Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection.

"The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keep out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you."

He added: "I do not recommend that you wear a mask, particularly since you are going to a very low risk location."

White Earth "experts" were quick to  tell us different.  The following is taken from the Anishinaabeg Today,  February 3, 2021;

TRUTH—Right now, masks are still more effective than vaccine. Distancing and hand washing help make masks work even better. Vaccine does work, but it’s not here yet for everybody. If 90% of our White Earth community wear masks whenever out and about, we can cut down COVID case-rates and death-rates by up to 90%, even before the vaccine gets here. We Anishinaabeg face the truth and deal with it. Masks work. Mask up White Earth Nation.

WISDOM—Our elders carry the cultural and spiritual wisdom of our Anishinaabe Nation. We all need that wisdom, now and in the future, to live Anishinaabe life in a good way. Our elders are vulnerable to serious illness and death from COVID. If we mask up we can help protect our elders, so their wisdom can help our Anishinaabe nation face the future. Wearing a mask is a wise choice. Mask up White Earth Nation. 

COURAGE—Some people make fun of us for wearing masks. We Anishinaabeg know how to deal with heckling. We do what we know is right, no matter what the hecklers say. If we all wear masks when out and about, and do other transmission-prevention stuff, we can save a hundred lives of our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family in the next few months. Masks work. Have the guts to mask up White Earth Nation. 

COMPASSION—We Anishinaabeg know that talking the talk but not walking the walk is not mino-bimaadiziwin. Living life in a good way means both talking the talk and walking the walk. We can and should think and talk about saving lives from COVID. But walking the talk means wearing a mask whenever we’re out and about. Masks work. Saving lives is Anishinaabe kindness. Walk the talk. Mask up White Earth Nation. 

RESPECT—You and I may not always agree in an argument. But we know each other, our families, our history, and our choices. I respect you even when I don’t agree with you. I wear a mask because I respect you and want to do what I can to protect you. I hope you wear a mask because you respect me and want to do what you can to protect me. Let’s both respect each other and keep each other safe. Masks work. Mask up White Earth Nation. 

HONESTY—People don’t like wearing these masks. It’s hot, it fogs up glasses, and it slides out of place a lot. We all hope we can quit wearing masks soon. But, honestly, I want to be a part of saving the lives of our elders and our neighbors and family with diabetes, emphysema, kidney disease, and other chronic health problems. So, I wear the darn mask whenever I’m out and about. Masks work… honestly. Mask up White Earth Nation. 

HUMILITY—Some people think masks make them look dumb. Others think masks are a “hoax.” Some think they’re too good to wear a mask. Some people think maskwearing is too darn frustrating. Some even think masks steal their freedom. I think I’m not too uppity to do something simple and practical, that can save the lives of my family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. I don’t care what people think of me for wearing a mask. I’m doing what I can to save lives. Masks work. Mask up, White Earth Nation.

Mitch McConnell

Another RINO.   Republican in name only.

Worthless to the average American.   

Show me I am wrong.  Tell me what he has done for the average American in the last 20 years that has helped America and helped you.

Term limits folks.  Keep guys like him on the golf course.

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Even the RUSSIANS are calling B.S.

It is disgusting that Russia has to call out the CIA operatives and the New York Times for their lies of the bombing of the Nord Stream Pipeline.

Really, does anything surprise you these days coming from the media or the Biden Administration? 

I haven't heard that many lies since the last time I went to a fishing tournament. 

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

For the MASKER/MASKING crowd still out there...........


The Beautiful and the Ugly

What a beautiful evening on the Cumberland Plateau!   Full moon, no insects and venison backstrap off the Traeger!

Topped it off with Tucker Carlson.  Wow, we he on fire last night!

The truth will prevail.  From the top down, an entire administration made up of unqualified mental incompetents, freaks, misfits, liars, thieves, the gender and generally confused and the totally deranged.  All in plain view. 

Biden, Fetterman, Buttigieg, Levine, Brinton, Jean-Pierre, etc. Every single one, unfit for duty.


Saturday, March 04, 2023

Biden. Clown World.

If you voted for this demented soul currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania you owe me reparations.



The vaxx 

Dr. Fauci 


The laptop



Leadership Obama style.  


Friday, March 03, 2023



Thank you for submitting your Quota Hunt application with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency!

Unfortunately, you were not awarded a permit for your Tennessee Quota ELK Hunt Application.



 21,300 Miles

We love our Snow Goose! Our M/B Sprinter we named Snow Goose; it's white and travels like its on wings! Hence the license plate, SNW GOOS! Seriously we only traveled a few times between our ranch in MT and farm in TN. We want to see our beauty in a great home! First the Sprinter has always been under cover, either in an air-conditioned jet hanger or in an enclosed facility. Second, it's pristine clean and was custom ordered. It has universal, 4 (actually 6 wheel) drive, full time! With a little over 21,000 miles it runs perfect! Let us share some details:

2018 Interstate Grand Touring Coach Airstream model on 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Artic white – color
21,330 miles
On-demand universal 4-wheel drive, 5,000 pound towing package
Generator – Cummins Onan
Excellent Tires
Exterior hot shower
Patio and undercarriage LED lighting
Side door screen and motorized rear door screen
Macerator waste pump with power hose and valves
Blind spot/Lane keeping/High beam assist
On the Inside
Serviced and Winterized by dealer annually
Stored indoors, covered garage since new
Been used for sleeping less than a dozen times
New Fusion entertainment system and speakers (front & rear) installed 3/21.
New night/day shade motors installed 2020
Columbian Walnut high-gloss cabinets
Two Samsung swivel TVs, set up for satellite, Blue-ray or Apple TV
New Stow-Away2 cargo carrier installed 9/20 with swing-away arm
Motorized roof mounted awning with wind sensor
Tankless on-demand gas water heater with freeze protection, and gas cooking range
Roof-mounted Air Conditioner, Gas Heater
Nova Kool Refrigerator and Freezer
12-volt heating pads for gray and freshwater tanks with built in sensors
Power rear lounge bed
Energy Management System for shoreline and generator
Inverter/Charger for DC to AC inverter and 50-amp multi-stage battery charger
Solar panels
High volume roof fan with rain sensor, and bath exhaust fan!
Satellite dish/Reciever prewire/Cable hookup
Bluetooth Smartphone Streaming

Give me a call, serious inquiries only!

Detailed Specs

  • ConditionUsed
  • Year2017
  • MakeAirstream
  • ClassClass B
  • LocationCrossville, TN
  • Mileage21,300
  • Fuel TypeDiesel
  • Gross Vehicle Weight11,030
  • VINWDAFF4CD0HP506562
  • Engine TypeM/B 3.0 Liter V6 Turbo
  • Sleeping Capacity2
  • Bunkhouse FloorplanNo
  • Floor PlanNo
  • Air Conditioners1
  • Length24
  • Engine ManufactureM/B 3.0 Liter V6 Turbo
  • Water Capacity26
  • Leveling Jacksyes
  • Exterior ColorWHITE
  • Interior ColorBeechwood
  • Price$145,000

Thursday, March 02, 2023 GRINGO GAZETTE


Last Saturday night my son was brutally attacked and assaulted in San Jose del Cabo. He was with his Mexican friends, enjoying a beautiful night out on the town and was brutally assaulted in a very upscale club. Being hit in the face, that hard, that unexpected is why he is flying to the United States for medical attention today. Unfortunately this is all too common. Unprovoked. Out of nowhere. Cold cocked. His only reason to be assaulted was being tall, having fun, having Mexican friends, being good looking and being American!

Welcome to Mexico!

Now go home to the United States with your injuries and leave us alone!!


Print that and forewarn your readers!

Here is the ANSWER!

Update from my post on 2/9/2023.

Why haven't you, in the confines of your home, nursing your drink of choice over the past couple of years, watched imbedded photographers cover the war between Russia and the Ukraine which have killed an estimated 300,000 people?

You don't know the answer do you? You care less.

The answer is for all the world to see. So much money at stake, so much war to profit from, so much gore not to share with those who fund the MIC and killing from afar. Yet, you don't see, or even understand. It's too comfortable for you. You don't care, out of sight out of mind.

So, go ahead, READ THIS.  Get a clue in what accounts the billions in American "AID" is going into.

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

College Loans Forgiven?

GMAFB kids.

Surely the SCOTUS can't be that stupid and ignorant.

But then again, in 2023, with those few nitwits on the bench who really knows?

Who benefits from the current student loan scheme? It’s not students. It’s not the tax payer. It’s not the public. It’s the universities, and more specifically, older professors and college administrators.

The left wants to shift the payment to people who didn’t go to college by having them foot the bill for those who went to college. In other words unleash predatory hell.

The right wants to hold 18 year old idiots as indentured servants for life because it's “personal responsibility.” In other words, unleash predatory hell.

But neither side gets at the core issue: because the Federal Government GUARANTEES the student loans (even if borrowers don't repay) WITHOUT ANY price control whatsoever, universities get a blank check at everyone’s expense.

You can keep the idiots indentured in debt forever, but the money is gone. It’s stolen by professors and administrators.

And you can take that to the bank folks! 

Congratulations to June Welch, South Carolina Wrestler

The only young ladies that made it though the blood round and qualified: Zao Estrada and June Welch once again placed in the SCHSL Championship Tournament Open Division, casting in the SC State Record Books the ability of young women to compete at the highest level of the sport.

Please help me applaud these two Dauntless and Total Warriors doing battle in an Open Tournament in arguably the toughest sport on the planet where only the best of the best endure. As the State transitions to sanctioning Womens Wrestling it’s a Swan Song for June wrestling young men in Open Division Wrestling, which truly is “combat” for young ladies. All these young men know who these two Chick Hammers are and it is “Full On!!” when the referee blows the whistle to start. June will now focus to improve her USA National ranking in Women’s Freestyle.

June’s only comment to why Open Division Wrestling: “I do it because I can.”

Never forget the facts boys n girls

Obama dropped more bombs on the Middle East than any American President in history

He claimed that if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon Martin

The Ferguson riots took place under his administration which helped lead the acceleration of BLM across the country

He bailed out Wall Street and he funded the Fast and Furious gun smuggling operation that took place in Mexico during his administration.

He started the attack on police in America

He openly promoted the trans and LGBT movement

Very easy to see how we went from Obama to Trump.

America was sick of the division and corruption.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Update: My FAUCI compilation

The first victim in all this was real science. Replaced by "the science" and introduced by "the experts". If there's one thing we can count on from Anthony Fauci, it's a willingness to lie through his teeth in order to maintain the narrative and push the agenda.

Fly a commercial airline from Billings to Nashville wearing a mask in the airport and in the aircraft or just get in the truck, whip on some Sirius XM and put it on cruise control? 

No brainer.  

The airlines don't get it.   Neither does Brandon or the biggest liar in America, Dr. Fauci.   FFS, wake up America.

Here is some science if you don't believe me.  Just click & learn.


How much inflation, poverty, looting, mental health issues with children, forced shots, lockdowns and fake data do Americans need before they admit they were scammed by Biden?

As a member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, White Earth Reservation, the ever-present soft bigotry of low expectations and the permanent claim that the solutions to the plight of minorities rest exclusively on the goodwill of whites rather than on hard work is psychologically devastating.

A generation of children are being taught that only by begging and weeping and screaming will they get a handout from guilt-ridden whites.

Instead of defining themselves as individuals, most people have been taught to define themselves by their race, their gender, their sexuality, their nationality, their tribe, their affiliations, their loyalties, their team...anything but define themselves by their hard work and character.

If you want to find peace and quiet on weekday mornings, hang out by most any government housing project. You can hear a pin drop. That's because NOBODY is leaving or entering the buildings. Everyone's still fast asleep because most don't have jobs.

Here's a novel idea: Stop the whining, stop the excuses, put your heads down, get to work -- long, steady, patient work -- and make equality an achievement instead of an entitlement. 

Too bad it's not as profitable for the media and the demagogues as victimhood.

Never forget,  what we called "medicine" is no longer "science".

"Medicine" is now only politics.   Don't believe me?  Just google the name "FAUCI".

Monday, February 27, 2023

Ft. Berthold, Pine Ridge, Yankton, Sisseton, Crow

Growing up on several Indian reservations on the Great Plains was all I knew. For 4 years it was 32 miles for milk and bread one-way. Bread and gravy were common for supper. Dad traded deer we shot for commodity cheese. There weren't game laws on the reservations so it was shoot what you can, when you can. No one in history has shot more sharp-tail grouse than I. All winter, .22's from the Russian olive trees in brutal weather, always shoot the bottom ones first so when they fell they wouldn't scare the birds higher up. All shooting done out of the '57 Ford pickup. 

Life was good and it was going to get a hell of a lot better. 

I know now I chose great parents.

iPhone issue resolved

My battery has been running down on my iPhone.

No big deal.  Fixed it. 

On Saturday morning I shut off the iPhones ability to run the "Climate Hoax Mode".

All is well, running smooth again.  Full power!


Sunday, February 26, 2023



Life in America

No one I know personally chose their parents.

When I read the press, observe the media, and you agree, it is obvious there are a large number of bitter, failed and angry people who want to hate on others. 

You live in America, health is your responsibility, what you earn is your ability, desire and intelligence.  Some call it motivation.  

This America I see is headed down a slippery slope.

It needs to go to work, be a parent, marry, get healthy, shut off the media. 

Just my two cents.   I bet yours too.


I have attended "church" on Sundays much of my life.  Grade school was daily, junior high about every Sunday at 4 p.m., high school often, (one of the 4 high schools I attended was a Catholic boarding school), my 10 years in San Diego and most Sundays since 1989.

I always believed church was in easy investment.  Easy to visit Creator in your own space, easy to listen, easy to be there whether you were "there" or "not there" for the hour.

I thought 60 minutes was a great investment.  An investment in time every week to learn at least one or two things to amplify your life.  

I always wanted to go to church, not attend church because I had to.  I didn't have to.  I wanted to.

Big difference.    

Monday, February 20, 2023

Presidents Day, Do the Math, Biden Can't

If you start with an unlimited amount of gender identity,  add 189 pronouns with a fair amount of white supremacy, subtract $500,000,000 of BLM carnage, divide by several hundred  Chicago murders along with the billions spent on Ukrainian pay-offs, and then subtract a couple million illegal criminal aliens how much climate change are you left with?  

Grand Portage Moose


Georgia Coyotes

Caught these 2 coyotes in northern Georgia several years ago for the live market.   Georgia has a thriving coyote population adapting well to the Atlanta sprawl.  Trapped several black coyotes as well.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

100% TRUTH

One thing we can all agree on.

If the starved and hungry clients of Ghislaine Maxwell were all Republicans the names would have been published years ago by the likes of the New York Times.

And you can take that to the bank.

Any bank, especially J.P. Morgan.

Biden is the ideal president for the Deep State. 

Trump was a nightmare to them.


Matt Taibbi of TWITTER FILES Fame!

Taibbi concludes the latest tweet thread with a big reality-check slap to the face of the mainstream media.

The fact that mainstream outlets ignored the Schiff story but howled about Teigen shows what they're about.

Responses like this are designed to keep blue-leaning audiences especially focused on moronic partisan spats, obscuring bigger picture narratives.

The real story emerging in the #TwitterFiles is about a ballooning federal censorship bureaucracy that's not aimed at either the left or the right per se, but at the whole population of outsiders, who are being systematically defined as threats.

Beginning in March, we'll start using the Twitter Files to tell this larger story about how Americans turned their counterterrorism machinery against themselves, to disastrous effect, through little-known federal agencies like the Global Engagement Center (GEC).

Friday, February 17, 2023

CDC Classification for Covid 19, the CHINA FLU

I am a proud member of the new category of Americans dubbed unvaccinated by the CDC.   I am clot shot free of any vaccine or boosters for the China Flu.

My number is  Z28.310!

I am just like Americans who identify as being opposite members of the sex they were born with, you know, the "chicks with dicks" crowd.   

I identify as being vaccinated!

Life is good and getting better.   

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Montana Region 7 Mule Deer

Owning a ranch in eastern Montana and having grown up there 50 years ago I have a fair amount of personal history to draw on.    A year ago I spoke with a biologist in the Region 7 offices in Miles City and told him the numbers I had observed in covering thousands of miles in eastern Montana all fall were way, way down.

I found it odd that his lack of credence in my ability to observe mule deer in eastern Montana was rather short-sighted but one thing for sure, if there's deer there I will see them.  

Fast forward to what I was trying to explain to him without any success.   Another sad day for mule deer in Montana.

"The Montana deer population survey numbers for 2022 were published late last year and show that mule deer numbers are down, way down! There are a lot of factors to blame, starting with the largest culprit that has been proven by research in many Western states and that is drought. Research shows deer (does) that go into winter in poor shape, with minimal body fat in dry years, have much lower fawn health and birth rates in the spring of the next year. 2020-2022 were very dry years in the eastern half of the state and forage in the fall of 2021 was especially poor when I hunted there. Trophy quality also seemed to be hurt by the drought. In 2022 population counts showed 58,000 mule deer in Region 7 which is down from 114,000 in 2020; that’s a 52% decrease!

Disease is also another factor and sure doesn’t help the situation; EHD, Blue Tongue, and CWD. All of these diseases have affected the eastern half of the state the last few years. CWD has been the one in the spotlight recently but there’s no proof that CWD has wiped out entire herds of deer in the West unless you consider how it has impacted state’s like Montana’s deer management policies.

Overhunting could also be a factor. Montana gained a lot of residents the last two years and if you don’t know, Montana is an opportunity state and is not managed for trophies. It’s managed for opportunity, hence the many general tag areas. Basically Montana is a, “If it’s brown, it’s down” kind of state and all of Regions 6 and 7 are either-sex, either species except for one district on the general tag. In addition there are thousands of antlerless tags available for each species in these regions as well."

I say Montana needs more hunters. They need more "come home to hunt" hunters, more youth seasons, more late season muzzleloader seasons, more military hunters, and more resident hunters and while they are at it, why not extend the cow elk season into April from February 15 so hunters can eat veal from a fetus? I say all of that sarcastically but you know the resource is suffering and low fur prices aren't doing much to cut back the never-ending problem of coyotes on fawns.

I say shut the mule deer season down on November 12th.

Every year.


Stein's Law

Degrees in Economics and Social Science brought to my attention in the late 1980's an economist by the name of Herb Stein.

He is remembered for a famous quote that holds true to this day.  

"Things that can't go on forever, don't".

Think about that in relation to what you see around you, what you see in government, what you see in the financial condition of our nation.  Think about the White House assessment that BIDEN is in fair physical shape to be President, not mentioning that his cognitive state is not healthy.  The entire world knows what they see.

The lies will continue until they don't.     

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Covid Masks

 Democratic Science.

Jason Whitlock on football and black America

I don't know Jason Whitlock and in fact stumbled on his work today.   Mark my words I will be following him as I follow Tony Dungy, Billy Mills and Deion Sanders to name a few minority athletes.  

Fatherhood is a tremendous role.   Americans of African descent are out of touch with what fatherhood should be about.  The numbers speak for themselves.  Look in the mirror.  Look at the math.   Why is the government playing the role of absentee father?   Isn't your child you fathered worth more than a check from Uncle Sam? 

This article by Jason Whitlock needs to be spread far and wide.

I love attending football games in the stadium in the shadows of the Flat Irons at Colorado University in Boulder.   I think Deion Sanders is a champion coach like Tony Dungy.   Read this article.  Worth every second.

According to corporate media, one of the biggest stories at this year’s Super Bowl was the shared skin classification of the two quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts.

I use the word classification instead of color because Mahomes and Hurts do not share the same skin color. Classified as black, Mahomes is three or four shades lighter than Hurts because the Chiefs' quarterback is mixed race – half black and half white.

Regardless, you couldn’t tune into Super Bowl coverage on ESPN or Fox Sports without hearing about the historic clash between two black quarterbacks. Mainstream media outlets hailed the feat as a victory over white supremacy and anti-black discrimination. The prevailing wisdom states that the NFL discriminates against black men in the sport’s highest leadership positions – quarterback and head coach.

It’s not true. In its highest leadership positions, football discriminates against athletes developed in and scarred by baby-mama culture. This is a well-known fact. Deion Sanders, the NFL legend and now head coach at Colorado, inadvertently spelled this out last week on Rich Eisen’s popular podcast. Eisen asked Deion to explain what he looks for in a quarterback.

“We want smart, tough, fast, disciplined with character,” Sanders started out. “Quarterbacks are different. We want mother and father, dual parents. We want that kid to be a 3.5-plus GPA; he’s got to be smart. He can’t make bad decisions off the field. He has to be a leader of men. There are so many different attributes of what we look for. We would love a coach’s son. That’s what we look for in quarterbacks.”

Sanders can speak freely because he’s black. A white coach would be smart to avoid admitting this publicly.

But the truth is many young men are not getting leadership opportunities because of the decisions made by their parents. It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with foundational values. Young men disconnected from their fathers have emotional issues that limit their ability to lead. When 75% of black kids are being born to unwed mothers, it limits the opportunities for these children.

Corporate and social media did not make a big deal of Sanders’ honest remarks. Sanders’ comments were mostly ignored. Corporate media and social media influencers are incentivized to avoid uncomfortable truths. The top black broadcasters on any mainstream network know to blame any disparate outcome between black people and white people on racism. Their job is to convince black people that white people control their lives.

I could name names, but it’s unnecessary. It’s all of them on a mainstream platform, whether it’s a news or sports network. They’re paid distractions. They don’t want black people to connect the dots.

Let’s follow Deion’s dots. Deion rightly suggests that “leaders of men” are best developed in dual-parent homes or situations.

A head football coach would have to be considered a leader of men. Rather than blindly blame racist NFL owners for the fact there are only a handful of black NFL head coaches, why wouldn’t one of the talking heads at ESPN or Fox Sports ask whether the illegitimacy rate of black children contributes to the disparity?

I’m not picking on ESPN’s Louis Riddick, but he’s worked as an executive in the NFL. He knows (or should know) the kind of background profiles NFL teams use to find leaders. NFL Network journalists Jim Trotter and Steve Wyche, two guys I like and respect, have covered the league long enough to know what Deion Sanders expressed is true. Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe are paid to be characters and spit-stirrers on TV. They’re doing their jobs playing the race card. Most of the athletes on TV don’t know what they don’t know and have advanced degrees in Twitter logic.

Black America’s broken family structure explains the coaching and quarterback disparities far more than racism.

You would think ESPN’s black vanity website Andscape, which purports to cover the intersection of sports, race, and culture, would analyze the impact of single motherhood on black athletes. You would think Andscape would use Sanders’ comments as a jumping-off point for a bigger story.

But there’s no interest in truth. Obvious facts and trends are ignored to promote a narrative that white racism explains everything about black people.

The Houston Texans have hired three black coaches in a row, but the only reason Eric Bieniemy did not get the job is because of racism. Colts owner Jim Irsay, who previously hired Tony Dungy and Jim Caldwell as head coaches, signed Shane Steichen because of racism.

The narrative is a joke and a lie.

No different from the lie that Super Bowl LVII featured two “black” quarterbacks. The real similarity between Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts is their two black dads.

Hurts’ parents are still married. His dad is a high school football coach. Mahomes’ dad divorced Patrick’s mother when Patrick was 11 years old. Patrick’s parents remained friends. Patrick and his father, according to media reports and appearances, remain close.

Countless studies show that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important. It is during this time that the “foundations for learning, health, and behavior” are established.

I would add my own twist to these studies. It’s the first five years and nine months. The nine months spent inside the mother’s womb are critical. Talking and reading to a child in the womb are critical. So is rubbing the belly of the mother. So is making sure the mother is in a stable, low-stress, supportive environment.

Parental neglect and irresponsibility do more to damage the future of a child than some random white dude who calls a black child “boy” on the playground or some racial hardship that a black child’s great-great-grandfather endured.

These statements aren’t remotely disputable or controversial.

Our worship of white people explains our commitment to improving them rather than improving ourselves.



Art from GOD. Cabo at sunset........


American RINO's

Don't forget the swamp crowd that brings you:

It's just Aliens.
It's just Chinese spy balloons.
It's just top-secret docs.
It's just Hunter and 10% for the "Big Guy".

Mitch McConnell is so out of touch with Americans.   His thinking that Ukraine is the most important  to Americans is void of any common sense or rational intelligence.   

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

UFO's and Aliens EXEMPT?

Never forget that Congress is exempt from taking the vaccine.   

Congressional aids are exempt from taking the vaccine.

Millions flooding the borders of the United States are exempt from the vaccine.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

1 out of 3 and growing...........

Sleaze having to give their money back.

Imagine that.

DC Politicians at Work!

Missed more now than ever, GEORGE CARLIN

"They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around a kitchen table to figure out how badly they’re getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago. They don’t want that. You know what they want? They want obedient workers. Obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect"

George Carlin

CDC Guidelines for Covid

"We will destroy your economic, social, and mental health to protect you from a virus that presents an average age of death nearly identical to pre-Covid average life span. We insist you take these "vaccines" with zero long term safety testing and no product liability. Never mind they have the worst adverse event record of any vaccine ever allowed to remain available. It's all for your own good."

Friday, February 10, 2023


We lose a tremendous amount of deer every year on the Ghost Ranch. Predators and disease are the main culprits.   Take a peek at this carnage.  

Death on Display 

Thursday, February 09, 2023

So you like video and pictures?

As Joe Biden eloquently says, "C'mon man".  So, you are a smart guy.  You know it all for sure.  Not a thing you haven't watched CNN about that makes you genius, right?

So go ahead, ask yourself this.   With maybe 25,000 humans dead from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and millions displaced and injured and homeless and video coverage going night and day in the MSM, why haven't you, in the confines of your home, nursing your drink of choice over the past couple of years, watched imbedded photographers cover the war between Russia and the Ukraine which have killed an estimated 300,000 people? 

You don't know the answer do you?  You care less.

The answer is for all the world to see.  So much money at stake, so much war to profit from, so much gore not to share with those who fund the MIC and killing from afar.   Yet, you don't see, or even understand.  It's too comfortable for you.  You don't care, out of sight out of mind.   

The beat goes on.  Hell, even Seth Rich understood. 

Fun in the Sun!!

My youngest son took this wonderful video the other day in the Sea of Cortez from the pool deck at my house in Palmilla.  Even the big boys love to get out of the water once in a while.

These mammoth creatures exhibit what the United States used to be like.   Graceful, purposeful, elegant, dignified.

You don't believe me?  Go stand on any street corner in America.  Walk into any WalMart.   Go to the pregame festivities before any NFL game, walk around Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, Seattle, San Francisco (at your peril), or better yet, just sit at home and watch TV commercials.  You get the drift, you understand and too stupid to care or do anything about it. 

You get what you vote for.



Friday, February 03, 2023


Go ahead, you have all the answers.  

Why would the Chinese send a "spy" balloon to observe a US missile base when they can see it on Google earth, satellites, high altitude reconnaissance aircraft, YouTube videos or one of their many assets at the Pentagon, Congress, or in the executive branch?

The only thing to conclude is the CCP must have so much on the Biden (crime) family; this administration will not react to any of the CCP provocations, cancelled the China initiative, soft on IP theft, COVID 19 origins, (no questions whatsoever about it) and now this balloon wafting over flyover states.

Over millions of years, the view hasn't changed. San Jose del Cabo at sunrise.


Kash Patel said it best!

With no thanks to the F.B.I. (FEEBLE BIDEN INVESTIGATORS)  in this shit show of corruption, here is Kash Patel sounding off on crackhead Biden.

"When was the last time you snorted some crack, paid multiple women for sex, one of which was your dead brothers wife, then slept with her sister, while having them on the payroll, capturing it all on camera....all the while snuffing thru classified  docs dad stole, which you used to get 7 figure contracts from America's enemies, oh yea n unlawfully obtaining a firearm, and got away with it ALL?

Only if your names HUNTER, got a Dad called JOE! 

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Follow the Science!

May the day come when the criminal element of government and politics get their due. 

Follow the science they said.

Liars all the way to the Bank!

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Clot Shot Flu -- Covid

Science is the result of using the system called the scientific method which is a method designed to remove as much bias from the results as possible. In Covid analysis, what we saw was the complete corruption of the institutions who claim to use the scientific method to form their opinions.

Those institutions continue to this day to be corrupted.

Bought and paid for.  Follow the money.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

For the face diaper/maskhole crowd

Even if you don't do a thing worthwhile today you might want to read this.

The Fallacy of Covid Masking

Tired? Bored?

Tired of all the lies you are getting fed?  Sick of the smoke screens being fed you?  Are you over the news cycle with their woke agenda?  Feeling angry over the decline in the standard of living?  Sick of the United States feeding Ukraine, Mexico and the other half of the world with your taxes?  Feeling tired of the consequences of the United States debt debacle?  Worn out from the credibility factor of the value of the United States dollar?

I am.

Monday, January 23, 2023

High Water at Ghost Ranch


Clot Shot FREE!

I laughed at the clowns.   First things first, it wasn't and isn't a vaccine.  Hell there isn't a vaccine for a common cold. 

Second, as someone being non-injected with the puss from Big Pharma, it's about time the MSM start with some honesty.

Here is the Wall Street Journal, having been a faithful reader since 1982, weighing in:

If I was vaccinated I'd be scared shitless every day for the rest of my life.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Vote the Ticket!

My grandparents who resided in Minnesota and are buried there voted REPUBLICAN  all of their lives.   Great Americans, taxpayers and worked hard.

They have been voting DEMOCRAT since they died!

Health is YOUR Responsibility

If you are overweight, fat, miserable, unhealthy, sick, obese and addicted to food and poor health this link is for you.   Read it and do something for your health   Life is too short to be miserable every day of your short life.


Friday, January 20, 2023

Oil up and get GASSED!

3000 hookers at Davos?   GMAFB    These elite MF'ers have certainly changed their position on drilling!


Wednesday, January 18, 2023

I'm RIGHT and for those on the LEFT..........(a take from ZeroHedge)

The World Economic Forum, governments around the world, and the mainstream news media are sounding the alarm in Davos about crazy-sounding, right-wing conspiracy theories. And it’s easy to see why: conspiracy theories are prima facie silly. The boring truth is that people and institutions are terrible at keeping secrets. 

And yet, a shocking number of crazy-sounding right-wing conspiracy theories have, recently, turned out to be true:

  • The World Economic Forum really does exercise a creepy influence over world leaders and it really does want “A Great Reset” whereby we’ll collectively move to living in low-energy, high-density, and low-privacy environments, having less physical wealth and, yes, eating insects for protein instead of meat. 

  • The FBI really did spy on Donald Trump’s campaign, run brief-and-leak operations, and spread misinformation about the extent of Russian election interference in ways that led nearly all of the media, media platforms, and Democrats to believe that Hunter Biden’s laptop was fake and anyone who talked about it is a conspiracy theorist, and in a way that may have constituted election interference.

  • Facebook and Twitter really did censor accurate covid information at the behest of the White House and Twitter, and operate secret blacklists to censor and deplatform disfavored voices and opinions, even when their own internal teams said the people being censored had not actually broken any of the platform’s rules.

The people who allege that the above were, and remain, “conspiracy theories,” say that World Economic Forum is just a gabfest, the FBI was simply doing what bipartisan majorities in Congress and the President agreed was necessary after Russian election interference on the 2016 elections, and government officials and social media executives were doing the best they could with the information they had during a fast-moving pandemic where millions of lives were at stake.

But if the World Economic Forum is a gabfest, it is also, including in its own opinion, enormously powerful, with its founder, Klaus Schwab, playing a mysteriously large role within the G-20 organization of world leaders.

Russian influence over the 2016 election was massively overstated, and the FBI went far beyond what Congress and the President asked and appears to have carried out an orchestrated campaign to deliberately misinform the media and social media platforms about the Hunter Biden laptop, which it had in its possession. 

And while Monday morning quarterbacking on covid often goes too far, it’s also the case that Twitter and Facebook censored qualified people who were expressing a reasonable point of view about the vaccines and suppressed factually-accurate vaccine information.

What’s more, all of the above raise significant concerns about the current state of Western democracy.

A rich, secretive, and unelected person, Klaus Schwab, is exercising a weirdly large influence over world leaders on the Left and Right, from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. 

The FBI, the most important law enforcement organization in the world, is under the control of people who have shown great comfort in abusing the warrant process, leaking to the press, and influencing journalists and social media executives in what appears to be deliberate influence operations, known as IOs, and which used to be known as psyops. 

And everybody from Davos to the White House to the mainstream corporate news media are using claims of “disinformation” and “misinformation” whether coming from Russians, 4chan, or Harvard professors, as excuses to censor social media platforms.

Why is that, exactly? Why did so many crazy-sounding right-wing conspiracy theories turn out to be true? And why are the elites behaving so undemocratically?


The control of publicly-available information over the last 10 years by WEF, the White House, and intelligence agencies including the FBI has been remarkable. Cushy gabfests like the ones in Aspen and Davos are effective in making journalists subservient to elites. The ability of government agencies like the White House and FBI to abuse their power is particularly strong when they have the support of the majority of the public, as was the case with Covid and with Trump, whose support hovered between just 35 and 45 percent. And the centralization of power in a small number of social media sites — mostly Facebook and Twitter — created an opportunity to bully politicians and government officials to deprive hundreds of millions of people of true information and feed them false information.  

But all of the above are retrograde attempts to put the Internet genie back in the bottle and thus doomed to fail. The takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk showed how fragile the control of social media platforms was. Musk not only made public just how much control the FBI exercised over Twitter, he also has destroyed the older blue checkmark verification system that biased the whole system toward woke-WEF ideology, or what Martin Gurri calls the “one-sided politics of identity and ecology.”

Change is coming. A growing number of people understand that they must pay for news and information from trustworthy and independent sources, ones without financials conflict of interest, and who make their values and beliefs explicit, rather than hide them...