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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to.............

The world is a funny place.  Would you agree that illegal is criminal?  Come on, be honest.  Admit it!

American politicians are doing their merry best to allow would-be Democratic voters into the country!  And YOU, boys and girls are doing your very best to pay for them!  Good on you!

A new analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reveals that almost 60% of illegal alien households in the United States are benefiting from at least one form of taxpayer-funded welfare benefits.

Breitbart reports that the study, written by CIS’ Steven Camarota and Karen Zeigler, found that illegal alien households, as well as legal immigrants, use “significantly more” welfare than actual American citizens. Of illegal aliens currently occupying land in the U.S., 59% are on welfare that is funded by legal American citizens; 52% of legal immigrants are also using welfare. Meanwhile, less than 40% of American citizens use welfare.

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