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Friday, October 15, 2021


The leftist, liberal, marxist snobs that play God running the TWITTER universe are the worst media hacks in America.

They make the libtards on CNN look ferocious.


This country has a tough time thinking.  Look around folks.

A mandate for working Americans to get injected will have ZERO effect on COVID rates.

Why isn't a single soul in the media talking about this?

You know why?  

Thursday, October 14, 2021


It goes without saying that Hunter Biden is probably the smartest person our President knows!

Back on April 1 I put a blog post out on Hunter Biden, check it out.

For the life of me I can't figure out why people, though not from the major media outlets, keep hounding this guy.  He is 51 years old and hey, who hasn't made a few youthful indiscretions in the past?  I mean, c'mon man, things like leaving crack pipes in rental cars, impregnating pole dancers, have sex with relatives and having child porn on a laptop he dropped off for a repair all the while blowing through millions while getting nasty tats and some rehab? 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

FED bankers

It is truly amazing that the average American consumer, that is, someone who probably works and not someone who lives off the hind tit of the American taxpayer, can recognize the ravages of inflation in their life and know that it is only getting worse.

No matter what Indian reservation you live on or are from you need to know that the bullshit you get from your Government on data sets of inflation and employment are probably the most manipulated numbers since the last time your tribe was supposed to get a Per Cap!  

Let's GO Brandon!

My complaint to the CEO of Southwestern Airlines:

Dear Mr. Kelly,  I am writing to urge you to defy the so-called vaccine mandate, first because there is no signed executive order at this time, second and more importantly, because you know it's wrong.

It's wrong on every level.  

If you made it to CEO of a big corporation, you've got to have some intelligence.  You must be aware the spike protein causes vascular disease and blood clots.  You must be aware the 'vaccines' are registered with the SEC as "gene therapies."  You must be aware these gene therapies program your DNA to produce the spike proteins that produce blood clots.  You must be aware of the micro-clotting issues with the vaccines.  You must be aware pilots are already at high risk for blook clots - just from flying.  You must be aware of the number of deaths mounting week after week from the vaccines, not only from the US VAERS, but from Europe as well.  

You must be aware the PCR test cycled up past 28 cycle thresholds is pure garbage and results in false positives.  You must be aware how "liberally" our authorities counted almost all deaths as due to Covid.  You must be aware how financially incentivized hospitals are to admit and then intubate "covid" patients.  You must be aware the CDC has issued a level 1 lab alert pulling the PCR test as of end of the year because it's so inaccurate.

You must be aware that all vaccines offered to the American public have NOT been FDA approved, and only Comirnaty has been approved, which is not available on the market for US citizens.

The bottom line, this whole adventure has been an exercise in  revealing how UN-benefic and malific our government agencies and authorities actually are, and how very much the American people are lied to and then exploited for crony gains. 

If it does not feel right, then don't do it.  If you don't believe in medical mandates, then don't be a part or cog in the march towards medical tyranny.

This is it.  The rehearsal is over.  For many people, they are faced with making a serious decision:  risk death or disability to keep a job, or in your case, put 100's and 1,000's and 10's of 1,000's at risk for death or disability because someone told you to.

We each have to account for our own actions.  Where will you stand in these history making times? Will your integrity hold true if you comply with this mandate?

Yours truly,

A former flyer