Manages Parisian Family Office. Began Wall Street, 82. Founded investment firm, Native American Advisors. Member, White Earth Chippewa Tribe. Was NYSE/FINRA arb. Conservative. Raised on Native reservations. Pureblood, clot-shot free. In a world elevated on a tech-driven dopamine binge, he trades from Ghost Ranch on the Yellowstone River in MT, his TN farm, Pamelot or CASA TULE', his winter camp in Los Cabos, Mexico. Always been, and will always be, an optimist.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

With Gratitude and Humility ............

Since January 1, a mere 14 trading days ago, my portfolio has increased by $379,952.   Over 14 trading days that is an average of $27,139 per day.    Since Halloween, my investment portfolio has increased by $1,282,229.

Not bad for being retired! 

With all due respect to my many friends who are fur trappers across the nation, it probably beats trapping fox and coyotes which is how it all started for me in putting myself through college.  I still wish I had an opportunity to trap with friends in Minnesota; if only the State of Minnesota legislature would pass laws to allow non-residents to trap.  It's about time Minnesota, but I doubt anything will happen with liberal policies and leftist retards running the show in Minnesota.  God help them.      

Today I want to publicly acknowledge the many who have helped me get to this level.  As one of my heroes, Victor Niederhoffer says, the markets are a little bit of science, statistics, gambling, economics, business, psychology and ecology.   I want to thank Victor for the many meals of a lifetime he has provided to me and others during his spectacular run both in his books and on the Spec List as well as accessing his web site, Daily Speculations.  I follow him now on YouTube with Ms. Sennett, giving a daily recap of the market action and you might want to as well if you have any interest in trading.  As Victor always says, the purpose of markets is to take money from the weak and give it to the strong.  So for me, beating the titans of Wall Street for the crumbs I have been humbled to book this month is as hard as keeping those assets in tough markets and there are difficult markets ahead. 

First, to William O'Neil, thank you.  Sitting in your office on Beatrice Street telling me how you pyramided Price Club to start the IBD newspaper probably inspired me more than anything.  The first of many  WON seminars I attended were in Los Angeles in 1984, then in New York City, Santa Monica, San Diego, Atlanta and Boca Raton.  Meeting Bills cohort, David Ryan in 1996 prior to interviewing with the William O'Neil organization to rep the New USA mutual fund at the Ritz Carleton in Atlanta was extremely beneficial.  For sure I got far more out of that meeting than he did with me but we were on the same page.   Also, running the CANSLIM Meet-Ups in both Alpharetta, GA and Crossville, TN was a big plus and kudu's to the WON sponsorship of those meetings.   I know the IBD/CANSLIM Meet-UP group in Dallas, Texas is extremely successful after attending while living in Dallas for two years.     

Another person who deserves mention is Dave Davidson, short-seller extra-ordinaire.  It was from a chance meeting when he worked for J.O. Patterson's hedge fund in Atlanta that he was to become an influence on my trading and most importantly to believe what was possible. 

I would be remiss to not mention old friend Gary Tremble who worked for the investment management arm of Security Pacific Bank in San Diego and who provided invaluable research from the WON organization for many years.  Gary is now living comfortably in Green Bay, Wisconsin and is a tremendous student of the market.

To my long time and dear friend Maurice Altshuler I owe a special debt of gratitude.   Maurice was a great student of buying the dead-cat bounce off the bottoms and helped me to always be on the lookout for that "double-bottom" on the charts that has worked so well over the years.

To Budd Zuckerman of Boulder, Colorado fame I say "thank-you".  Your "fundamental" love for small-cap names has always been fundamental in your investing success and style.  Imagine if you used charts pal!

To James DePorre who resides in both NC and FL a great amount of respect and thanks.  Jim's analysis is similar to mine and he provides the quickest read on the general levels and market trends after I have been gone from the markets.  I use Jim to get up to speed on what has been happening and then let the charts tell me what is going on.  Jim can be found on as a writer,  is an active trader and is on Twitter.    

And finally to my pal Dave Utter.  I owe Dave a debt of gratitude like non-other.  He allowed me in.  He gave me a shot.  He never doubted my work ethic.  April of 1982 was special and it has been a hell of a run since Dave hired me at Kidder Peabody when the Dow Jones averages were at 688!

To the many great people I have used to help me get better I thank you.  Names like Steenbarger, Covel, Sperandeo, Morales, Steidlemeyer, Hale, Elder and Housel to name just a few. 

And finally to my bride.  I over-achieved in marriage.  My biggest fan, my biggest supporter in good times and bad.  When things got so wacked in 1998, to the 2008 debacle and being strong thru the downturn in early 2020 she has always believed.

I pray every day for what I can do to share my good fortune with others and make good decisions. I believe the miracle is the more we share the more we have.  May Creator continue to provide good health and good hunting, both for stocks and big-game. 

As a visual behaviorist I will always defer to the charts.  Charts are reality and reflect decisions based on emotions. Charts are really just emotions showing up on paper.  And to literally the millions of charts I have looked at over the years I am most thankful.  I wish I had the time to do it all over again.

In life you can have results or excuses, not both. 

Never forget, God feeds the birds but he doesn't drop worms into the nest.  

If it was easy everyone would be a trader.  For me, it's all about the work. Most people don't want to do the work.  All I need to do is work harder because preparation eliminates the fear and preparation is never time wasted.  

I am going to keep working.  I think the best is yet to come.  



Thursday, January 21, 2021

Joe Biden. Racist liar, bullshit artist and liberal Democrat.

I once called integrated high schools "a jungle, a racial jungle, that I don't want my kids growing up in".

I once dropped out of a Presidential election because I stole speeches.

I lied about my law school grades.

I told a potential voter, "I don't work for you".

I lied about participation in the 60's Civil Rights Movement, when my mentor back then was a member of the KKK.

I lied about being raised in a "black church".

I lied about a drunk driver killing my wife and kid.  Then I broke up the marriage of my babysitter and married her.

I lied about being the first in my family to ever go to university.

I lied about my son making money from China.

I lied about being against the war in Iraq.

I lied about being one of the most liberal members of Congress.

I had 33 certified lies in one of the debates.

I lied about the NAACP endorsing me for all of my elections when they have never endorsed me.

I lied about being arrested for going to see Nelson Mandela.

I willingly flashed my genitals to female Secret Service agents and laughed about it.

Monday, January 18, 2021

President Trump. Thank You.

My days on earth are numbered.  Creator only gives us so many heartbeats.  Before I fade away, there is something important I need to say.  It may not be important to anyone else, but it's important to me.            

Win, lose or fraud...President Trump , I just want to say thank you for the last four years.

Thank you for making it cool to be an American again.

Thank you for showing us that we don’t need to be under China’s thumb any more economically, or any other way.

Thank you for one of the strongest economies we’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. Thank you for all you have done for the minority communities, and the outstanding decrease in the unemployment rate you had.

Thank you for making it feel good to love our country and to be a proud patriot again. Thank you for supporting our Nation's flag and the men and women who fought for the freedom that stands behind that flag.

Thank you for supporting our nation's law enforcement organizations, and understanding how difficult their job really is.

Thank you for quelling the flood of illegal immigration, and bringing to justice the thousands of criminals that flood brought us.

Thank you for giving corporations a reason to come back to America to make our own products and put Americans back to work.

Thank you for bringing our troops home from endless deployments that presented us with little more than body bags; and for your commitment to strengthen our military.

Thank you for operation warp speed and keeping your promise to bringing the Covid 19 vaccine to us in less than a year.

Thank you for your never-ending attempts at bringing peace to the Middle East and your support for Israel.

Thank you for your Tax relief, and thank you for our energy independence. 

Thank you for caring enough for this country to want to try and make a difference.

Thank you for showing America how little Career Politicians actually work for their constituents; and for showing us how much those politicians despise you for showing America how easy it is to build a great nation, rather than rape her to line their own pockets and stock portfolios.

Thank you for allowing us to experience a President that wasn’t a lifelong politician, but a lifelong American.

            Most of all though...

THANK you for taking a rotten job that you never had to take!!


Sunday, January 10, 2021

And so it begins...............1984 is here...............

 They are not after me.  They are after you. I am just in the way.

...........  President Donald J. Trump

Friday, January 08, 2021

Ashli Barritt

Ashli Barritt.  President Trump needs to award her family, posthumously, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

She stormed the Capital and was called a terrorist after 14 years of Air Force service.  

Liberal hypocrisy suggests that the mighty Obama received the Nobel Prize of Peace.   In 2016 alone, the Obama administration dropped at least 26,171 bombs.  This means that for every day  the United States military blasted combatants or civilians with 72 bombs, that's 3 bombs every hour, 24 hours a day.   

Burn down Black communities and you are a hero? Why don't Latino communities get burnt out?  Twisted logic but hey, spend spend spend and the stock market only goes one way.

Until it doesn't.  The enemy is within.  WH, Eccles Building, Senate, Congress, pick your poison these days. It's free.