Manages Parisian Family Office. Began Wall Street, 82. Founded investment firm, Native American Advisors. Member, White Earth Chippewa Tribe. Was NYSE/FINRA arb. Conservative. Raised on Native reservations. Pureblood, clot-shot free. In a world elevated on a tech-driven dopamine binge, he trades from Ghost Ranch on the Yellowstone River in MT, his TN farm, Pamelot or CASA TULE', his winter camp in Los Cabos, Mexico. Always been, and will always be, an optimist.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Too good not to

The Growing Gap Between Reality and the Media

February 26th, 2009 by Mark Mitchell

Following is a very partial list of people who have said abusive short selling must be stopped.

Then Secretary of Treasury Paulson
Former Chairman of SEC Harvey Pitt
Then SEC Chair Christopher Cox
Then Senator Hillary Clinton
Presidential Candidate John McCain
George Soros
The members of the American Chamber of Commerce
Charlie Munger, Vice Chairman Berkshire Hathaway
John Mack, CEO Morgan Stanley
Dick Fuld, then CEO Lehman Brothers
Members of the North American Securities Administrators Association
Robert Shapiro, former Undersecretary of Commerce
Harvey McGrath, former chairman of Man Group, world’s biggest listed hedge fund

Following is a partial list of mainstream media outlets that have yet to deliver a single comprehensive story about abusive short selling:

The Wall Street Journal
The New York Times
The Columbia Journalism Review
BusinessWeek Magazine
The Chicago Tribune
The Los Angeles Times
Fortune Magazine
The Washington Post
CNBC Television
CNN Television

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Breakfast at IHOP

In honor of the mother of the octuplets, IHOP is offering a new breakfast meal called the Suleman.

It's hearty.

You get fourteen eggs, no sausage, and the guy next to you has to pay the bill.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

March 5, 2003, Indian Country Today

NEW YORK - As far as the stock markets go in upcoming years, watch out for a deep freeze.At least, there’s a good possibility that a persistent bear market will follow the ebullient bull market of the 1980s and 1990s, according to Dean T. Parisian, who runs Native American Advisors, Alpharetta, Ga.Parisian, a Minnesota Chippewa from the White Earth reservation, said in a recent alert to investors, "Most investment professionals are of the opinion that the market has gone down for three straight years and that we cannot possibly have a fourth down year."However, said Parisian, chairman of Native American Advisors, Chippewa Partners and The Chippewa Fund, "there is a different logic which says it’s quite possible that we’ll get another down year."The investment advisor noted that the bull market of 1982 to 2000 was a "primary" bull market, which could be followed by a long-lasting primary bear market."History tells us that primary bull markets are always followed by primary bear markets that could last just as long. For example, during the last century we had primary bear markets that lasted from 1906 to 1921 (15 years), 1929 to 1949 (19 years) and 1966 to 1982 (16 years). "That doesn’t mean that some big rallies didn’t occur during that time, but the overall thrust of the market was down. In my opinion, 2000 to 2010 could be a similar primary bear market." Parisian is also predicting "that at least 35 percent of the current equity mutual funds will have closed down/merged by the time this bear market is over." But, the analyst points out, "Primary bear markets often have very nice rallies." He is currently advising clients "we believe American ‘growth’ stocks are the place to be with a long/short approach." Native American Advisors has been in business since 1995, when it registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is the general partner for The Chippewa Fund, a hedge fund. Chippewa Partners is the investment arm of Native American Advisors. Parisian advises clients both in the United States and the United Kingdom.Parisian started in the investment arena in 1982 and has worked for Kidder, Peabody & Co. and the former Drexel, Burnham Lambert. He also has been an officer in the trust unit of First Union Bank.He also has been appointed an arbitrator to help settle disputes, both for the National Association of Securities Dealers and the New York Stock Exchange.Parisian has endowed an Economics scholarship for American Indian students to study at the University of Minnesota. He is a member of the Association for Investment Management & Research, the Atlanta Society of Financial Analysts, and the Southeastern Hedge Fund Association

The Capitol Hill Sit-Com.....

The fairy tale continued last night in the bowels of Washington, D.C.

You see, there is no clarity, no plan.

Last night's sermon was more of the same.

Let's all repeat, "Trillion dollar deficit and terrible recession we inherited."

There is only spending.

When American inflates you will know exactly where to place the blame. The vision of the campaign speeches has given way to stark reality.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Much-needed humor for the Market Mistress

An old cowboy sat down at the Starbucks
and ordered a cup of coffee.
As he sat sipping his coffee, a young woman sat
down next to him.She turned to the cowboy and asked, 'Are you
a real cowboy?'He replied, 'Well, I've spent my whole life breaking
colts, working cows, going to rodeos, fixing fences,
pulling calves, bailing hay, doctoring calves, cleaning
my barn, fixing flats, working on tractors, and feeding
my dogs, so I guess I am a cowboy.'She said, 'I'm a lesbian. I spend my whole day thinking
about women. As soon as I get up in the morning, I
think about women. When I shower, I think about
women. When I watch TV, I think about women.
I even think about women when I eat. It seems
that everything makes me think of women.'The two sat sipping in silence.A little while later, a man sat down on the other side
of the old cowboy and asked, 'Are you a real cowboy?'He replied, 'Hell, I always thought I was, but I just found
out that I'm a lesbian.'

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The BHO stimulus bill explained..........

Shortly after class, an economics student approaches his economics professor and says, "I don't understand this stimulus bill. Can you explain it to me?"

The professor replied, "I don't have any time to explain it at my office, but if you come over to my house on Saturday and help me with my weekend project, I'll be glad to explain it to you."

The student agreed.

At the agreed-upon time, the student showed up at the professor's house. The professor stated that the weekend project involved his backyard pool. They both went out back to the pool, and the professor handed the student a bucket. Demonstrating with his own bucket, the professor said, "First, go over to the deep end, and fill your bucket with as much water as you can." The student did as he was instructed.

The professor then continued, "Follow me over to the shallow end, and then dump all the water from your bucket into it." The student was naturally confused, but did as he was told. The professor then explained they were going to do this many more times, and began walking back to the deep end of the pool. The confused student asked, "Excuse me, but why are we doing this?" The professor matter-of-factly stated that he was trying to make the shallow end much deeper.

The student didn't think the economics professor was serious, but figured that he would find out the real story soon enough. However, after the 6th trip between the shallow end and the deep end, the student began to become worried that his economics professor had gone mad. The student finally replied, "All we're doing is wasting valuable time and effort on unproductive pursuits. Even worse, when this process is all over, everything will be at the same level it was before, so all you'll really have accomplished is the destruction of what could have been truly productive action!"

The professor put down his bucket and replied with a smile, "Congratulations. You now understand the stimulus bill."

Monday, February 16, 2009

Abraham Lincoln's words...........

"If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the best I know how - the besry I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won't amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, 10 angels swearing I was right would make no difference."

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Congress should mark-to-market these Wall Street liars in front of them today.

Other than Jamie Dimon the bunch of them should be turned out to their yachts and made to sail away with Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Madoff..............

Wall Street's self-enrichment...........

If you are a client of Merrill Lynch and think they really care about your money think again.

They "whored" taxpayer money to enrich themselves. What a bunch. Thanks Mr. Paulson for doing all you could do oversee taxpayer money. Perhaps a short phone call to Mr. Thain may have prevented this. Think anyone will have to disgorge these obscene bonus's? Think again.

Merrill, with Bank of America's knowledge, paid $3.6 billion in bonuses for 2008. That's an average of $91,000 per employee, Cuomo said, but the lion's share went to a select group.
The top four recipients received a combined $121 million; the next four received a combined $62 million; and the next six received a combined $66 million, according to Cuomo. The top 149 executives received a total of $858 million, and 696 received at least $1 million each, he wrote.
"These payments and their curious timing raise serious questions as to whether the Merrill Lynch and Bank of America boards of directors were derelict in their duties and violated their fiduciary obligations," Cuomo said.

Former Merrill CEO John Thain, after initially seeking a bonus for arranging the deal with Bank of America that saved his company from collapse, ultimately declined to receive a year-end payment.

Officials from Bank of America were not immediately available for comment. Cuomo's office confirmed the existence of the letter but declined further comment.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BHO get behind this for real stimulus..............

The FairTax has been reintroduced for the 110th Congress. It is H.R.25 in the House and S. 1025 in the Senate. NTU has endorsed theFairTax since 1998 and continues to work for its adoption. Benefits of the FairTax: the FairTax plan brings fairness, transparency, and efficiency to our unfair, complex, and confusing Tax Code. The FairTax rewards job creation, hard work, and individualresponsibility. By doing away with payroll taxes, companies can afford to hire more employees and outsourcing looks less attractive. Bytaxing consumption instead of income, individuals are provided with a strong incentive to work hard because they keep more of what they earn. By taxing spending, the FairTax allows us to control how much tax we pay depending on our individual lifestyle choices. The FairTax ensures that all Americans pay their fair share of taxes. The IRS currently admits to a 25 percent non-compliance rate with theTax Code, often done unintentionally. By placing the tax at the pointof sale, no individual or special interest group could evade taxes with the help of an expensive tax attorney or well-heeled lobbyist.

Furthermore, we could stop making criminals out of ordinary Americans who prepare their tax returns incorrectly by mistake. How the Plan Works: the FairTax proposal is a comprehensive revenue plan that would eliminate most major federal income and payroll taxes, including personal, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, self-employment, and corporate taxes. On payday, every American would receive 100 percent of his or her paycheck, minus any state income taxes. These federal taxes would be replaced by a national retail sales tax. Under the FairTax, the national sales tax rate initially would be 23 percent, with adjustments made to the rate in subsequent years. The FairTax is progressive. To make this system fair for low-incomeAmericans, all taxpayers would receive a monthly "prebate," so no one would pay taxes for consumption up to the poverty line. The national retail tax would only be collected on new purchases, making "used" purchases tax-free. Additionally, business purchases would be exempt from the tax, thereby eradicating corporate tax compliance costs currently hidden in retail prices.

Monday, February 09, 2009

From Nugents pen to your eyes.............

Kill This Porkosaurus
Posted 02/03/2009 ETUpdated 02/04/2009 ET

I’m a hunter, and proud of it. Most of my best hours are spent in the field, sometimes chasing dangerous game. I’m on the track of one, a bigger more dangerous critter than I’ve ever hunted before: the Obama-Pelosi Porkosaurus. The Porkosaurus is plenty dangerous by itself. It subsidizes unemployment by increasing unemployment benefits. And, as the man said, when you subsidize something you get more of it. It doesn’t spend anything -- not one thin dime -- on the one thing that economists say is guaranteed to stimulate the economy, defense spending. And its whole purpose is to feed Fedzilla and make it grow even bigger, swallowing our economy whole. In a crisis, hysterical, wrongheaded, ignorant people will squall and holler to "do something." Reasonable people with a modicum of intellect know that throwing a cinder block to a drowning person qualifies as "something", but surely it is the wrong something.Amazingly, some of these same reasonable people continue to look to Fedzilla to solve the financial crisis that this bloated beast created. Result: America is drowning in unsustainable mountains of debt and deficits and threatening to do more of the same. President Obama and his Democratic cronies on Capital Hill want to pile on more debt and more deficits that will further destroy the US economy.President Obama and Nancy Pelosi's trillion-dollar Porkosaurus bill will fail miserably at creating new jobs and reversing our economic kamikaze swan dive. The bill is weighed down by irresponsible, ineffective, wasteful spending which is the status quo in Washington DC.It is not just President Obama who wants to feed the grossly obese Fedzilla. President Bush fed Fedzilla mountains of our tax dollars, too. According to the Wall Street Journal, during his tenure America witnessed the largest expansion of Fedzilla spending since Lyndon Johnson's Great Society boondoggle. Many of the Republican House and Senate members voted in support of expanding Fedzilla. They deserve to get tossed out of power.But now President Obama is in charge of feeding Fedzilla and he has wasted no time in advocating a trillion-dollar pork dinner for The Beast. The menu of spending items is the most irresponsible pile of pork in the history of our country.In a January 28 op-ed the Wall Street Journal did an outstanding job of identifying the waste in Pork-stimulus. The following are a couple of shameful examples.There is one billion for Fedzilla's railroad, Amtrak. Shamtrack, as I call it, has not been profitable for decades, and probably never will be. The Shamtrack Xpress to financial hell should be derailed.$400 million more of our tax dollars are scheduled to be wasted on the global-warming scam of the century. Here's how we save this cash: We agree the earth warms and cools. We admit that warming and cooling is a naturally occurring cycle that has to do with the sun and that there is nothing we can do about it. We admit Al Gore is a fraud and a global warming Ponzi-schemer. Then we take back Al's Grammy and documentary award.$81 billion will be wasted on feeding Medicaid. Give me one week with some smart, savvy business people and we will come up with a private-sector, cost effective, efficient health care program that does not include Fedzilla and its gluttonous unaccountable tax dollar bonfire.$66 billion is scheduled to be fed to Fedzilla's Department of Lack of Education. We can save this cash by parents just checking their child's homework and cutting the cords to computer and video games.$83 billion more will be spent on providing earned income credit for people who do not pay taxes. I am all for earned income. No one gets a dime unless you earn it.$54 billion is scheduled to be overtly wasted on Fedzilla programs that Fedzilla's very own Office of Management and Budget or the Government Accounting Office has labeled as "ineffective" and can not pass a financial audit. There is no accountability. None.According to the Wall Street Journal, only about twelve cents of every dollar in the trillion-dollar Pork-stimulus will jump start the economy and create new jobs. I trust the WSJ much more than I do President Obama or Nancy Pelosi. As I outlined in my book, TED WHITE & BLUE-The Nugent Manifesto, the way out of this economic mess is permanent tax cuts across the board. Find a tax and slash it at least in half. This will ignite the fuel of private industry and will instantly create new jobs and yank us out of the economic abyss in months, not years.Along with tax cuts, Fedzilla spending should be slashed by 25 percent. Imagine how the stock market would instantly respond to that bold, new approach.It is now up the Senate to do what is right for America and kill the Porkosaurus. I beg of them not to throw a concrete block to drowning Americans and call it a life preserver.

Rock legend Ted Nugent is noted for his conservative political views and his vocal pro-hunting and Second Amendment activism. His smash bestseller Ted, White & Blue: The Nugent Manifesto, is now available at Nugent also maintains the Official Ted Nugent Site at

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The O. L. ........................

Be honest. Look in the mirror? Have kids? The only way to describe the stimulus package is a good old fashioned robbery of America's coffers. Just wait until we reflate. How ugly will that be?

It is not stimulus. It is pork to reward the unions and others.

Call it looting. The Obama Looting. That is all it is.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Liquidity is..........

when you look at your investments and wet your pants!!

Wrong to rush.............

President Obama's desire to rush the stimulus package is wrong. Harnessing future generations with such obscene debt levels is wrong. Let capitalism work and drain the excess greed that has taken our economy to the brink. It's a big government, big corruption, and big pork stimulus bill.

Give the pain some time. That would be the best stimulus of all.

Madoff Client List...............

Friday, February 06, 2009

Abraham Lincoln said it best..............

" I am a firm beliver in the people. If given the truth , they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts. ".

Sunday, February 01, 2009

South Dakota's finest............

The esteemed politician who saddled America with billions in ethanol bills has found himself in a rather unique predictament. I wonder how many other South Dakotans have failed to report $128,203 in back taxes and $11,964 in interest.

Cowboy up boys and girls because if the first 10 days of this Administration are anything like the next 3 years and 50 weeks this ought to be good, real good.

Click and share this link........

It just might save a life.