Monday, March 20, 2023

Conservative White Earth Chippewa vs. Liberal White Earth Chippewa

I will let you make the call. Maybe you are currently raising children. So you have kids? Then you best learn how to protect them from government over-reach.

We are on our own, always have been. I am in the conservative camp of ideology regarding gender issues. My take, two genders, one with a penis the other with a vagina. It's what Creator made.

Pretty simple from my part of the rez!

The once great state of Minnesota has a Lt. Governor who is a member of the White Earth Reservation, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe where I am a member. She is a Democrat and liberal who is making waves in the TRANS community. This tribal member recently signed an executive order that will force Minnesota state agencies to push “gender-affirming” health care.
She stated “Let’s be clear: this is life-affirming and life-saving health care,” adding “When our children tell us who they are, it is our job as grown-ups to listen and to believe them. That’s what it means to be a good parent.”

Here is where I stand.

We don't let children drive.

We don't let children buy guns.

We don't let children buy cigarettes.

We don't let children vote, because they are not capable of making a rational decision.

But we allow them to cut off their junk and take life-long hormone drugs?

Do you think allowing underage kids to have elective surgery without parental consent is wrong? I sure as hell do.

Do you think Doctors who perform this surgery should be reprimanded? I sure as hell do.

You see, life is hard and much harder when you are stupid.

On the reservation and off we are creating a future homeless population of drug addicted and depressed misfits. It's just one more thing to protect your children from. My father who spent a lifetime working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Law Enforcement would have called it correctly. He would have called her an evil child groomer. Minnesota is off the rails.

Minnesota reservations are no different than reservations in Nebraska, Montana, Wisconsin, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, you get the drift.   The Lt. Governor should focus on the important issues facing Indian country.  Issues like drug addiction, lack of 2 parent households, poverty, lack of work ethic, obesity, violence and low rates of education. 

God help us.


Clarence Louie for BIA HEAD (Bureau of Indian Affairs)

We should put him in charge of Indian Affairs!!!! 

What a refreshing indigenous leader!

With him in charge, Canadian taxpayers would save millions of dollars!

Chief Clarence Louie, Osoyoos BC speaking in Northern Alberta :

Speaking to a large aboriginal conference and some of the attendees, including a few who hold high office, have straggled in.

'I can't stand people who are late, he says into the microphone. Indian Time doesn't cut it. '
Some giggle, but no one is quite sure how far he is going to go. Just sit back and listen:

'My first rule for success is Show up on time.'
'My No. 2 rule for success is follow Rule No. 1.'
'If your life sucks, it's because you suck.'
'Quit your sniffling.'
'Join the real world. Go to school, or get a job.'
'Get off of welfare. Get off your butt.'

He pauses, seeming to gauge whether he dare, then does.
'People often say to me, How you doin'? Geez I'm working with Indians what do you think?'
Now they are openly laughing ..... applauding. Clarence Louie is everything that was advertised and more.

'Our ancestors worked for a living, he says. So should you.'

He is, fortunately, aboriginal himself. If someone else stood up and said these things - the white columnist standing there with his mouth open, for example - you'd be seen as a racist. Instead, Chief Clarence Louie is seen, increasingly, as one of the most interesting and innovative native leaders in the country even though he avoids national politics.

He has come here to Fort McMurray because the aboriginal community needs, desperately, to start talking about economic development and what all this multibillion-dollar oil madness might mean, for good and for bad.

Clarence Louie is chief and CEO of the Osoyoos Band in British Columbia's South Okanagan. He is 44 years old, though he looks like he would have been an infant when he began his remarkable 20-year-run as chief.. He took a band that had been declared bankrupt and taken over by Indian Affairs and he has turned in into an inspiration.

In 2000, the band set a goal of becoming self-sufficient in five years. They're there.

The Osoyoos, 432 strong, own, among other things, a vineyard, a winery, a golf course and a tourist resort, and they are partners in the Baldy Mountain ski development. They have more businesses per capita than any other first nation in Canada.

There are not only enough jobs for everyone, there are so many jobs being created that there are now members of 13 other tribal communities working for the Osoyoos. The little band contributes $40-million a year to the area economy.

Chief Louie is tough. He is as proud of the fact that his band fires its own people as well as hires them. He has his mottos posted throughout the Rez. He believes there is no such thing as consensus, that there will always be those who disagree. And, he says, he is milquetoast compared to his own mother when it comes to how today's lazy aboriginal youth, almost exclusively male, should be dealt with.

Rent a plane, she told him, and fly them all to Iraq. Dump'em off and all the ones who make it back are keepers. Right on, Mom.
The message he has brought here to the Chipewyan, Dene and Cree who live around the oil sands is equally direct: 'Get involved, create jobs and meaningful jobs, not just window dressing for the oil companies.'

'The biggest employer,' he says, 'shouldn't be the band office.'

He also says the time has come to get over it. 'No more whining about 100-year-old failed experiments.' 'No foolishly looking to the Queen to protect rights.'

Louie says aboriginals here and along the Mackenzie Valley should not look at any sharing in development as rocking-chair money but as investment opportunity to create sustainable businesses. He wants them to move beyond entry-level jobs to real jobs they earn all the way to the boardrooms. He wants to see business manners develop: showing up on time, working extra hours. The business lunch, he says, should be drive through, and then right back at it.

'You're going to lose your language and culture faster in poverty than you will in economic development', he says to those who say he is ignoring tradition.

Tough talk, at times shocking talk given the audience, but on this day in this community, they took it and, judging by the response, they loved it.

Eighty per cent like what I have to say, Louie says, twenty per cent don't. I always say to the 20 per cent, 'Get over it.' 'Chances are you're never going to see me again and I'm never going to see you again' 'Get some counseling.'

The first step, he says, is all about leadership. He prides himself on being a stay-home chief who looks after the potholes in his own backyard and wastes no time running around fighting 100-year-old battles.

'The biggest challenge will be how you treat your own people.'

'Blaming government? That time is over.'

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Best of Times!

Those were the days! Bell bottom pants on the trapline! Life was good and going to get a hell of a lot better. Running a trapline that spanned 5 counties prepared me with organization, time management and the most important detail, "the early bird gets the worm", get out of bed and get after it in the dark, you have half the world beat already!

In my lifetime or yours.......Doctors Orders

Will you ever in your life walk into a physicians waiting room and hear any of the following?   I am still hopeful but highly doubtful.

Dr. told me I need quality sleep, more than 7 hours.

Dr. told me I need to start walking every single day, rain or shine, at least 10,000 steps.

Dr. told me I have to change my nutrition and lay off processed foods, sugar and oils and start eating meat, fruit and vegetables. 

Dr. told me I have to get sunlight as much as possible.  

Dr. told me to take vitamins.

Dr. told me to drink water and no alcohol for a few days.

Dr. told me to throw out my pills and start to exercise at a gym.

Dr. told me it is necessary as i get older to lift light weights, every day.

Dr. told me I need to be my own doctor and listen to my body.   

I doubt any of the above will happen anytime soon.   It's like the treatment for natural immunity to China Covid. 

It won't happen because it is FREE! 

You're Dead Let's Disco

With all of the media focused on SVB and the shenanigans pulled by the Fed, regulators, Board of Directors, executive management, the VC community, private equity there is plenty of blame to go around.  Ultimately it is not a good thing where the second and third largest banks fail.

Here is a throw back to the old days.  When greed and mismanagement were on full display across Wall Street.

I worked for three of those firms.

Greed was the main culprit.  

Monday, March 13, 2023

Needing a used car in 1953?


December 1953


As a youngster I can remember the first time I was able to watch television that was "in color".

How cool was that?   Growing up with one television that only provided one TV station to watch wasn't todays idea of "diversity".

Lies, lies and more lies.

Believing these lies is easy for a country loaded with low information voters. 

Blowing up Nord stream pipeline

January 6th being an insurrection

Russian collusion

Covid escaping form Wuhan lab

Hunters laptop

WMD’s in Iraq

What did I miss?

Sunday, March 12, 2023

U.S. Incompetence

It is like watching Rome burn.  

America.  Greatest country the world has ever known.

The greed from the political class is simply amazing.  

It's a turd circus in Washington, D.C.!

Left or right, they all have their hands out.

I learned in law school that justice is bought with the price of your legal team.

The charlatans running this country are not shy about showing their lack of intelligence.

When the national media is in denial of what journalism is supposed to do you know we are in trouble. 

The current President has spent 309 days at his home in Delaware, that is 40% of his time as President on vacation.

He has dementia for those of you who think otherwise. 

Remember during Trump’s presidency when we had an inflation crisis, energy crisis, border security crisis, and banking crisis like we have now? 

Me neither.

It's one victory after another for low information voters.