Friday, February 03, 2023


Go ahead, you have all the answers.  

Why would the Chinese send a "spy" balloon to observe a US missile base when they can see it on Google earth, satellites, high altitude reconnaissance aircraft, YouTube videos or one of their many assets at the Pentagon, Congress, or in the executive branch?

The only thing to conclude is the CCP must have so much on the Biden (crime) family; this administration will not react to any of the CCP provocations, cancelled the China initiative, soft on IP theft, COVID 19 origins, (no questions whatsoever about it) and now this balloon wafting over flyover states.

Over millions of years, the view hasn't changed. San Jose del Cabo at sunrise.


Kash Patel said it best!

With no thanks to the F.B.I. (FEEBLE BIDEN INVESTIGATORS)  in this shit show of corruption, here is Kash Patel sounding off on crackhead Biden.

"When was the last time you snorted some crack, paid multiple women for sex, one of which was your dead brothers wife, then slept with her sister, while having them on the payroll, capturing it all on camera....all the while snuffing thru classified  docs dad stole, which you used to get 7 figure contracts from America's enemies, oh yea n unlawfully obtaining a firearm, and got away with it ALL?

Only if your names HUNTER, got a Dad called JOE! 

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Follow the Science!

May the day come when the criminal element of government and politics get their due. 

Follow the science they said.

Liars all the way to the Bank!

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Clot shot flu

Science is the results of using the system called the scientific method which is a method designed to remove as much bias from the results as possible.  What we saw was the complete corruption of the institutions who claim to use the scientific method to form their opinions.

Those institutions continue to this day to be completely corrupted.  

Thursday, January 26, 2023

For the face diaper/maskhole crowd

Even if you don't do a thing worthwhile today you might want to read this.

The Fallacy of Covid Masking

Tired? Bored?

Tired of all the lies you are getting fed?  Sick of the smoke screens being fed you?  Are you over the news cycle with their woke agenda?  Feeling angry over the decline in the standard of living?  Sick of the United States feeding Ukraine, Mexico and the other half of the world with your taxes?  Feeling tired of the consequences of the United States debt debacle?  Worn out from the credibility factor of the value of the United States dollar?

I am.

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