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Saturday, April 29, 2017

BMAGA on May 1


Bullshit Makes America Great Again!

Ben Bernanke, former FED CHAIR & bullshit artist extraordinaire on CNBC on Monday, May 1, 2017

In honor of the liar coming on CNBC telling more tales I would like to share a blog entry from a few years ago in Atlanta.

Hey, somebody had to do it!   You can't expect anyone in politics to tell the truth.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Pine Ridge, South Dakota

In my teens our family lived in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.    In the late 1960's it was a different place.

It was much nicer in many ways.   Homes were kept up, fewer junk cars, roads in better shape, airport runway better kept up, better paint on about every  building, Billy Mills Hall in great shape, on and on and on I could go.

I was in Pine Ridge a couple days ago.  Drove around on all the roads I drove my HONDA 350 motorcycle on when in high school.   Hard to believe.  Really hard to believe.

If you have ever been to a communist country Pine Ridge looks like a community in a communist, socialist country!   Amazing the similarities.

If you ever want to see what the United States government has done to Native Americans on an Indian Reservation head on out to Pine Ridge.

It's rough.   The loss of human capital is staggering.   The effects of the breakdown in family structure, the rampant addictions in the population, the effect of inflation on the standard of living, the decline in educational levels, I could go on and on and on.

Today, the little ones suffer.    In so many ways.   The cycle continues.  The cycle of single parenting, drugs, violence and aversion to formal education.

White Clay is out of beer but Pine Ridge is not out of trouble.

Say a prayer tonight  (and every night) for Pine Ridge.

It needs to heal itself.



Monday, April 10, 2017

United Airlines DRAGGING off passengers...........

It is the state of America.   It seems to be how things are.  When you fuck up fix the problem with another bigger problem.

Unfortunately this is how the world works.    Taxpayers bailed out the CEO's to keep them solvent in 2008.   Ten TRILLION of debt later here we sit with anemic growth.  FED running up an epic disaster and nobody wants to face it.   Taxpayers, they still get bent over today.  Privatizing profits and socializing losses are how they do it in America today.  Just ask any NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB owner who needs a new facility.

Here, United Airlines will pay a massive legal bill for the lawyers and  a dandy fee to the passenger they dragged out of that jet.  But who pays the bill?  Future passengers with higher fares.

The real problem isn't just the overbooking.  No, the real problem is dragging paying passengers off aircraft for United Airlines employees to travel to work.

Those of us in the financial markets deal with it daily.   JP Morgan selling silver it doesn't own.   Goldman Sachs shorting "naked" shares.   Precious metal ETF's rehypothecating a thousand fold.
IPO trading abused with falsified green shoe stock.  NSCC management shirking their congressional mandates to look after the financial results of their bosses.  On and on and on.

It just doesn't end in the world of Wall Street.  

Remember, Wall Street dislikes cell phone camera's.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Epic shit show of ego. Who got to him?

Russia is sending a fleet of ships to the Mediterranean. Obama’s war in Syria has the potential to widen into a worldwide conflict.
President Obama, do not attack Syria. There is no upside and tremendous downside. Save your "powder" for another (and more important) day!

Obama must now start focusing on OUR COUNTRY, jobs, healthcare and all of our many problems. Forget Syria and make America great again!

Atlanta Fed

One thing is for sure.  The good ol boy crowd at the Atlanta Fed is calling a spade a spade.

It never ceases to amaze me how once in a great while somebody associated with a Federal Reserve Bank will say something true.

Remember when the Fed was "data dependent"?
If the Atlanta Fed is right, Janet Yellen will have hiked the Fed's interest rate in a quarter in which GDP has grown by a paltry 0.6%, down from 1.2% as of its latest estimate. If confirmed, this would be the lowest quarterly GDP growth in three years, since Q1 of 2014.
Incidentally, just over two months ago, the same forecast stood at 3.4%, it has since fallen by over 80%.

The Trump Middle East Fiasco

I grew up on a large number of Indian reservations.  I don't know a single person who was raised on more reservations than Dean Parisian.  My father was a Law Enforcement Officer for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Department of Interior.  We moved because Dad wanted better for his family.

He wanted to advance.  The way to advance was to move when a higher paying job opportunity became available at another reservation.  He moved up the ladder and we moved.  Never got used to moving but don't know any different.  Four high schools in four years.  Not a problem.  In four years of college I had another four "home-towns" where my parents lived.  Not a problem.

Growing up on those reservations I was able to see the effects of addiction up close and personal.  It wasn't pretty then.  Isn't pretty today.  Today, the lack of two parent homes, the pills, the violence, the gangs, the heroin, the lack of discipline in the family structure, the lack of role models in the work force all combine to make it more difficult for law enforcement in Indian Country.  Makes it more difficult to grow up too.  And toss in some social media, a government far too willing to shell out money to support generational welfare and well, you get what is today.  

I had some conversations this morning about the Trump actions last evening.  I laughed.

Saddam Hussein was gassing people long ago.  His own people I believe.   Or people he wanted to control.    I don't have a clue who gasses those in Syria.  Maybe the Syrian Army, maybe rebels backed by the United States, maybe the Russians.  I am not paid to know and care less.  War is awful ugly.  And an ugly business.

I do know that Middle East engagement over a few deaths by gassing pales in comparison to what we endure daily in this country.  Our country.  Mine and yours.  We take it hook line and sinker from the Mexican drug cartels.  We bury more dead Americans delivered to us from the hands of the drug monsters in Mexico than ISIS ever could.  We are still fucking around in the Middle East when the real damage to our society, OUR SOCIETY, comes at us from south of the border.

I don't think there is one single elected official with an IQ above room temperature who will admit to these clear and present dangers to America.   I voted for Donald Trump to get us the hell out of the Middle East.  We need no more maimed or dead American heroes flying home from the Middle East.

We need to keep up the war on drugs coming into this great nation. It's killing us.   

Gotta love the action today in RTN shares.  Taxpayers making it all possible!


Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Your bank paying higher interest?

So, you walk into your friendly bank, smile at your friendly teller and ask if the bank is going to be paying higher rates of interest on YOUR MONEY now that the FED has raised interest rates a couple of times since Donald Trump's election, (all obvious political moves since Janet Yellen met with Obama).  She puts a sweet smile on her face and if she's honest, replies, "I don't think so".

Happens every day across the land.

It's more of the same with the paltry returns that our FEDERAL RESERVE has provided in money-market funds.  In an era of peak debt,  with zero interest rates, it's created an enormous incentive for Wall Street to gamble more recklessly.   Margin debt is at all time record levels.   Janet Yellen is a tool like Ben Bernanke to keep the bankers running wide open.  It is disappointing for older retired Americans who have worked so hard to earn and then have to pay tax on funds in the bank to find leeches at the FED keeping rates artificially low. 

Most Americans don't understand that the Federal Reserve is as federal as FedEx.  Its creation was intended to enrich the few at the expense of the many.  A mere 9 years ago, the Fed turned on the printing press and manufactured trillions to bail out the reckless, irresponsible, racketeering, price fixing, money laundering, uber leveraged, derivative infected, systemically fraudulent  too-big-to-fail bankers that should have been allowed to fail and cleanse the system.  Their actions will allow banks to suck the blood out of the economy for the next 100 years.  Watch it in action today with our anemic growth and the lies and distortion coming from government statistics. At the height of the financial crisis, Fed overnight interest rates were at an emergency level of .25%. Eight years later after a “tremendous” economic recovery, Fed overnight interest rates are still at an emergency level of .75%.

So with that out of the way, I feel better, truth is good.  Did I miss anything?

Bruno Mars

Truth be told.........Bruno Mars got it from Morris Day.............dam straight..............

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Stock Market probably not headed down anytime soon ........

* Steve Bannon - Ex Goldman Sachs Investment Banker / Chief White House Strategist
* Steve Mnuchin - Ex Goldman Sachs Chief Information Officer / Secretary of Treasury
* James Donovan - Ex Goldman Sachs Partner / Assistant Secretary of Treasury
* Dina Powell - Ex President of Goldman Sachs Foundation / Ivanka Trump's top Advisor on Policy
* Jay Clayton -  Sullivan & Cromwell (Goldman Sachs’ law firm) /  Trump's selection to chair SEC
* Gary Cohn - Ex Goldman Sachs President / Trump's Chief Economic Advisor

Probably all you need to know ............

Brokers, take need to call!!!

Native American Advisors, Inc. does not utilize any research, research-related products or other services obtained from broker-dealers, or third parties, on a soft dollar commission basis.

Monday, April 03, 2017

And you think markets are "fair"?............LMFAO

This is a blog from the great team at THEMIS.   Read it and weep.............

 Back in June of 2014, then CFTC Chairman Tim Massad announced the hiring of Aitan Goelman as the CFTC’s a new enforcement director.  Mr. Goelman was previously a US Attorney in the Southern District of New York and appeared to be a great choice since he would be tough on enforcement.  He made this statement when he was hires:
“I am pleased to return to public service and excited to join the CFTC at this important time when vigorous enforcement is more vital than ever.  It is an honor to be able to play a part in helping the Commission fulfill its crucial mission of maintaining the integrity of the futures and swaps markets.”
Living up to expectations, Mr. Goelman announced a slew of enforcement actions over the past three years including a $120 million penalty against Goldman Sachs for interest rate product manipulation, a $250 million penalty against Citibank also for interest rate product manipulation and a $5 million penalty against Jon Corzine for unlawful use of customer funds.  Mr. Goelman also nabbed Nav Sarao, the Flash Crash spoofer, and had this to say about spoofing:
“As this case makes clear, the dangers of spoofing are real.  Mr. Sarao’s spoof orders distorted prices in the E-mini time and time again over a period of years.  In so doing, his orders hurt real market participants.  Equally as clear is our resolve to root out this behavior and bring those responsible to justice, wherever they may be.”  
But Mr. Goelman seemed to be frustrated about the numerous instances of fraud that was passing through his office.  In April 2015, he told Bloomberg :
“We get multiple complaints about spoofing every week.  It’s not a vanishingly small or infrequent practice.”
On January 19 of this year, Mr. Goelman announced that he was leaving the CFTC.   CFTC Chairman Massad issued this statement about Mr. Goelman’s service:
“During my confirmation hearing, I pledged that one of my priorities would be robust enforcement, because it is critical to maintaining the integrity of our markets. Aitan Goelman has delivered. Under his leadership, we have won path-breaking cases in spoofing and manipulation, protected investors from fraudulent actors, held firms accountable for misdeeds, and secured judgments of hundreds of millions of dollars in restitution for victims
By all accounts, it appears Mr. Goelman did a very good job at the CFTC and was successful in hunting down some unscrupulous financial actors.  But after he exited the CFTC, Mr. Goelman gave a very surprising interview to Reuters where expressed his frustration about the CFTC’s limited resources and lack of follow through:
“Goelman said there is much more manipulation, insider trading, front-running and Ponzi scheming in the markets than is being prosecuted, even though the CFTC receives the data from industry participants and exchanges and gained enhanced enforcement authority under a 2010 financial reform law.” 
“One of my regrets is there’s such a massive amount of misconduct in the market we’re just not pursuing,” said Goelman, who left the CFTC after the change to a Republican administration and nearly three years as enforcement chief.
“We could do a lot more manipulation cases. We have all these new enforcement tools and this vastly expanded jurisdiction and data. But you have to be acutely conscious about the limited resources.”
Two-thirds of leads on misconduct that come into the “triage unit” of the CFTC’s enforcement division are not pursued, in part because of a lack of resources, Goelman said.
While Mr. Goelman’s comments are disappointing, we can’t say that we are surprised.  Anybody who follows Eric Hunsader of Nanex knows that spoofing and layering run rampant in the commodities market.  Eric has literally documented thousands of instances of market manipulation and tweets almost daily about suspicious quoting activity.
Why have rules if you can’t enforce them?  Under Section 747 of Dodd-Frank, the CFTC was granted new powers to go after and prosecute spoofers but Mr. Goelman is telling us that because of budget constraints the CFTC is not doing their job.  We have no doubt that the bad guys also know this fact and continue to feel emboldened.   If regulators can’t perform this function, then they should subcontract it out to a private contractor.   We have an idea – the CFTC should just hire Nanex!

Saturday, April 01, 2017

35 years ago today..........April 1, 1982

I walked into the office of Kidder Peabody & Co. Inc in San Diego as a new hire  after a few years of sales at Northwestern Mutual Life.   What a sweet day that was!   A tip of the ball cap to David B. Utter and his wife at the time, Judy Utter.    It was a beautiful thing to be the first trainee out of the bullpen!