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Friday, April 07, 2017

The Trump Middle East Fiasco

I grew up on a large number of Indian reservations.  I don't know a single person who was raised on more reservations than Dean Parisian.  My father was a Law Enforcement Officer for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Department of Interior.  We moved because Dad wanted better for his family.

He wanted to advance.  The way to advance was to move when a higher paying job opportunity became available at another reservation.  He moved up the ladder and we moved.  Never got used to moving but don't know any different.  Four high schools in four years.  Not a problem.  In four years of college I had another four "home-towns" where my parents lived.  Not a problem.

Growing up on those reservations I was able to see the effects of addiction up close and personal.  It wasn't pretty then.  Isn't pretty today.  Today, the lack of two parent homes, the pills, the violence, the gangs, the heroin, the lack of discipline in the family structure, the lack of role models in the work force all combine to make it more difficult for law enforcement in Indian Country.  Makes it more difficult to grow up too.  And toss in some social media, a government far too willing to shell out money to support generational welfare and well, you get what is today.  

I had some conversations this morning about the Trump actions last evening.  I laughed.

Saddam Hussein was gassing people long ago.  His own people I believe.   Or people he wanted to control.    I don't have a clue who gasses those in Syria.  Maybe the Syrian Army, maybe rebels backed by the United States, maybe the Russians.  I am not paid to know and care less.  War is awful ugly.  And an ugly business.

I do know that Middle East engagement over a few deaths by gassing pales in comparison to what we endure daily in this country.  Our country.  Mine and yours.  We take it hook line and sinker from the Mexican drug cartels.  We bury more dead Americans delivered to us from the hands of the drug monsters in Mexico than ISIS ever could.  We are still fucking around in the Middle East when the real damage to our society, OUR SOCIETY, comes at us from south of the border.

I don't think there is one single elected official with an IQ above room temperature who will admit to these clear and present dangers to America.   I voted for Donald Trump to get us the hell out of the Middle East.  We need no more maimed or dead American heroes flying home from the Middle East.

We need to keep up the war on drugs coming into this great nation. It's killing us.   

Gotta love the action today in RTN shares.  Taxpayers making it all possible!


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