CEO & Partner, Parisian Family Office. Began Wall Street career in 1982. Founded investment firm, Native American Advisors, 1995. White Earth Chippewa, Tribal Member. Raised on reservations. Conservative. NYSE/FINRA arbitrator. Pureblood, clot-shot free. In a world elevated on a tech-driven dopamine binge, he trades from Ghost Ranch on the Yellowstone River in MT, TN farm, Pamelot or CASA TULE', their winter camp in Los Cabos, Mexico. Always been, and will always be, an optimist.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022


The assholes working at Instagram are dam near as bad as the clowns at Twitter.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Weekend hilarity...............

As many of you know I was in Southern California last week visiting some old pals.  It's time to share a personal experience with all of you about drinking and driving. 

As you may know, some of us have been known to have brushes with the local law enforcement from time to time on the way home from an evening socializing with friends.  Well, after I got home from Cali I was out getting caught up with some buddies.  I had a Scotch, maybe two, followed by some rather nice red wine........I like Pine Ridge and Jordan with my rib-eyes.  Anyway, feeling rather jolly I still had the sense to know that I was over the limit, slightly yes, but over.  So, I hadn't reloaded the UBER app on my phone so I did something I haven't done in a long time.  I took a cab home.     

Sure enough, on the way home there was a police road block, but since it was a cab they waved me past.  I arrived home here at Pamelot without incident and got a great nights sleep! 
It was a real surprise as I had never driven a cab before, I don't really remember where I got it and now that it's here in my garage I'm not sure what to do with it! 

It just keeps getting better and better................


• CNN+ shutting down after 1 month

• Spotify removes Obama podcast 

• Disney stripped of special governing powers 

• Masks ruled unlawful on public transportation 

• Elon Musk secures funding for Twitter takeover

Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Amazing day with the new buyers and sellers.  

The shorts had a beautiful day.

Shares were down $122.42

Trading volume was around  132,392,600 shares.

Stock off over 35%.

Don't you just love how efficient and deep our markets are to absorb that kind of selling?

Whattaday for that company.   Headwinds ahead.

Good luck to all the new longs today.

Here is an article on a fund manager who lost a fair amount of money in 120 days.

How to lose $430,000,000.00

April 1, 1982 David B. Utter


In life, we often owe a debt of gratitude.    Friends for over 40 years it's been "what it is"!   Time goes by fast when having fun.   There has been no shortage of laughs and hilarity over the years.  The older we get the better we were!  Thanks for the opportunity pal, the next round is still on me!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

FED Math for Native Americans in Indian Country

The clown show in the Eccles Building in D.C. continues.  This is their math calculus.    In Year ONE, if you spend 4 Trillion more than you collect you have a 4 Trillion deficit and a 4 Trillion Debt.

With me so far, those of you in Lodge Grass, Twin Buttes, Kyle, White Clay, White Shield, Wounded Knee, those bastions of intellectual curiosity, socialist thought and co-parenting with the United States Government?   I lived in Indian country growing up, on or adjacent to 6 reservations.  My father worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in law enforcement.    The big war they're fighting on those reservations is internal - rape, elder and child abuse, gang violence, alcoholism, obesity, opioids, lack of parental oversight and the biggest joke of them all, getting "rich" at the casino with a something for nothing mentality.  

I miss anything?  Good, lets get back to FED math and roll.

So, if in Year TWO, you spend 3 Trillion more than you collected you have cut the deficit by 1 Trillion (25% right?) but you have exploded the debt to 7 Trillion and on and on it goes......Here, watch this for a couple of minutes if you want to see some numbers in action........

Debt of the U.S. Government

This is the government math that is eroding the buying power of every dollar you have today and all the tomorrows ahead.

Scary if you think about it but then most don't think, they are sheep waiting for reparations, a per cap check, welfare, EBT, you name it.  

Like I have said many times before, the pervasive mentality that somehow the United States Government will do something for Indian Country that will cure the ills of Indian Country is a joke.  A complete farce.   People who are brought up to believe that work is for suckers and that they are entitled to food and shelter will never move up. This culture is huge in reservation settings. Exposure to the culture of dependence will stunt a child's work ethic for life.

Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden have not and will not cure the massive diabetes issue, the rampant suicides, the gang violence, the vast numbers of illegitimate children out of wedlock, the lack of a work ethic, and surely won't break the cycle of poverty, addiction, moral courage and the suffocating absence of opportunity in Native communities. 

The American Dream does not sneak up on you and hit you over the head with a baseball bat. If not here? Where? If not now? When? If not you? Who? Success is where opportunity and hard work meet. At 14 I was hauling bales working in a hot hay field in North Dakota. At 15 I hired out to a ranch in Montana while my parents lived on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. My summer job all through High school was working on that ranch in Montana. Pay was $200 per month working 6 days a week. My last year it increased to $300 per month. Wow.  Trapped fox, coon, mink, muskrat, beaver, badger and coyotes in college.  Try that on before class.  Thankfully I own a ranch in Montana and enjoy that kind of work these days but there is NO money in it.  Only the satisfaction of doing the work. 

Know what? I have worked 54 years of my 68 on this planet. I am a bit tired. You want a good life? Work for it. Strap it on. Forget your skin color. Grow a pair and work your ass off. Think it is better elsewhere? Then move. Or shut the fuck up. I hear Cuba is opening soon. I can’t wait to see the boat people in Miami climbing on rickety boats to risk their lives to move there.

Does this country have problems? Yup, sure does, look at the stooges running it into the ground with math like that.

When the lights go out work may save you. Work. Work is the secret. If you are willing to work, you can have a chance at getting wealthy and paying taxes to keep the country afloat.

Good luck, I hope you paid some tax this year.  If you didn't, why should you be allowed to vote?  


As many of my friends know, I've been a big fan of gold.  Gold and mining ETF's, PHYS and GDX specifically.

For years.

I haven't yet bought into the bitcoin mania. 

Here is a good article on the insanity of our Federal Reserve bankers, it's owners, Congress and the legions of Americans who feed at the trough of the "public good".


1. You say masks work 

2. You wear a mask

3. If you are correct about #1, and you are doing #2, you have zero to complain about.

Themis Trading and GAMING WALL STREET

The crew at Themis again knocks it out of the park!   Sal and Joe and their book, BROKEN MARKETS was simply one of the best out there and on what is going on in the regulatory front.  Here is their blog entry from 3/22!


MAR, 2022

Premiere Day

Today is the day that market structure hits the streaming services.  Two new shows will be airing that we think are both a must see.

1)The first is an HBO Max two-part documentary titled Gaming Wall Street featuring a good friend of Themis Trading, Dennis Kelleher, the CEO of Better Markets. Here is how Better Markets describes the documentary:

“This film has a fantastic, easy-to-understand explanation of the players and issues related to the 2021 GameStop trading frenzy.  It also illustrates and understandably explains short selling, payment for order flow, the short squeeze, naked shorts, and phantom shares.  Importantly, it ties these issues to the banking industry, the 2008 crash, regulatory issues, and the involvement of Reddit communities.  Bottom line, it shows how the GameStop trading frenzy “pulled the curtain back” on what really happens on Wall Street, as Dennis says in the show.”

You can stream both episodes starting today on HBO Max today.

2)The second show The Problem with Jon Stewart will be airing on Apple TV+ starting today and will feature a segment which covers similar issues including zero-commissions, Reddit and payment for order flow. Here’s the one-minute trailer.

The piece will feature another friend of Themis, Danny Moses, as well as David Lauer and SEC Chair Gary Gensler. Considering that Jon Stewart was the originator of the famous HFT Cash Cow segment, we expect that this segment will have some comedic value in addition to its in-depth commentary.

Both these pieces prove our point that we made earlier in the week that the public still cares about issues like payment for order flow.  As much as the big market makers and zero-commission online retail brokers want to sweep this issue under the rug, the fact is that it remains an open item that the SEC must and will address soon.

Hope you get a chance to watch these shows. We’re streaming Part 1 of “Gaming Wall Street” right now.

DELTA flight attendants, plane servants, stewards, stewardesses etc...............

 I, along with many other Americans used to fly DELTA. 

Often.   Knew many of you by name.  You had a tough job for sure.

Your DELTA management team is pathetic.   You know it.  

Probably one of the worst management teams in the country.

A huge shout out to all of you for your recent attitudes in keeping mouths shut to guys (like me) who didn't wear a mask inflight.  There were many of us.

We all knew where we stood and stood there.

The happiness exhibited on the second leg of my flight yesterday was great.   From the guys upfront to all of you in the cabin, congratulations.

Of course, there was one kill-joy in your ranks, the punk kid sitting next to me and a pilot (Captain) hitching a ride to Nashville that simply love masking.

Good for them.

It's over.

The bullshit pseudo science experiment hoisted on the backs of America is toast.     


Truth Freedom Peace

 TruthFreedomPeace Platform:

Imagine there was someone running for President and Congress in your state that supported the following policy platform: 1)Adopting an accurate,fair and transparent voting system, one where any citizen can verify their vote was counted accurately. 2)Replacing the income tax with Fair Tax or National Sales Tax or nothing 3)Securing the border,(Land,Air,Sea) 4)Ending the phony war on drugs, which causes more crime,death,murder,gang violence,incarcerations and enriches criminals while millions of people still use illegal drugs anyway. 5)Support IMMEDIATE pardons for Julian Assange,Edward Snowden and non-violent Vaccine mandate protesters and election fraud protesters & other truthtellers. 6)Making generic drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine available over the counter without prescription. 7)NO vaccine mandates 8)Sound money 9) Request that all states hold a vote regarding the issue of abortion. Remind everyone that many people object to abortion because a fetus is a human being and they object to them being killed in the womb for the same reason they object to that same human being being killed after they are delivered from their mother's womb. Ask everyone to please stop killing innocent human beings in the womb. 10)A new foreign policy where rather than military occupation in foreign lands, We The People worldwide unite behind and promote the principles of truth/freedom..

Monday, April 11, 2022

Skull's Rainbow Room Printers Alley


So, if you want a great breakfast experience in Nashville, TN I have a solid recommendation for you.

DO NOT GO to this restaurant.  Don't even think about it.

We (party of 4) had made a reservation for the 10 a.m. opening on April 10th.    Two of us ordered the Steak Medallion Breakfast.  Both of us did NOT get a single egg!   I know there is an egg shortage but whoever they drug in to cook their breakfast food didn't have a clue that eggs were part of this entre'! 

We arrived early and were seated immediately.  It was very cool to cold in the restaurant and fans were blowing cold air down on our table.  We politely asked the staff to turn off the fans and they said they could not but would turn on the heat.   Yeah, sure, right. 

There was no salt or pepper shakers on the table nor was any ketchup offered or brought with the 4 entree's. 

The food was half cold and tasteless at best.

This eatery is the single most overpriced restaurant I have had the displeasure to dine in over my short 67 years.  What a disaster in taste, pricing and value.  

I would urge you to save your dollars and never enter this rip-off joint unless you just want to drink and enjoy the live music.

The food prices are simply outrageous but the quality of the food was worse.        

51 Dangers to America

Here’s the list of people who shouldn’t have a job informing the public about anything or ever appear on cable news again:

  1. Mike Hayden, former CIA director, now analyst for CNN
  2. Jim Clapper, former director of national intelligence, now CNN pundit
  3. Leon Panetta, former CIA director and defense secretary
  4. John Brennan, former CIA director, now analyst for NBC and MSNBC
  5. Thomas Fingar, former National Intelligence Council chair, now teaches at Stanford University
  6. Rick Ledgett, former National Security Agency deputy director, now a director at M&T Bank
  7. John McLaughlin, former CIA acting director, now teaches at Johns Hopkins University
  8. Michael Morell, former CIA acting director, now at George Mason University
  9. Mike Vickers, former defense undersecretary for intelligence, now on board of BAE Systems
  10. Doug Wise, former Defense Intelligence Agency deputy director, teaches at University of New Mexico
  11. Nick Rasmussen, former National Counterterrorism Center director, now executive director, Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism
  12. Russ Travers, former National Counterterrorism Center acting director
  13. Andy Liepman, former National Counterterrorism Center deputy director
  14. John Moseman, former CIA chief of staf
  15. Larry Pfeiffer, former CIA chief of staff, now senior advisor to The Chertoff Group
  16. Jeremy Bash, former CIA chief of staff, now analyst for NBC and MSNBC
  17. Rodney Snyder, former CIA chief of staff
  18. Glenn Gerstell, former National Security Agency general counsel
  19. David Priess, former CIA analyst and manager
  20. Pam Purcilly, former CIA deputy director of analysis
  21. Marc Polymeropoulos, former CIA senior operations officer
  22. Chris Savos, former CIA senior operations officer
  23. John Tullius, former CIA senior intelligence officer
  24. David A. Vanell, former CIA senior operations officer
  25. Kristin Wood, former CIA senior intelligence officer, now non-resident fellow, Harvard
  26. David Buckley, former CIA inspector general
  27. Nada Bakos, former CIA analyst and targeting officer, now senior fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute
  28. Patty Brandmaier, former CIA senior intelligence officer
  29. James B. Bruce, former CIA senior intelligence office
  30. David Cariens, former CIA intelligence analyst
  31. Janice Cariens, former CIA operational support officer
  32. Paul Kolbe, former CIA senior operations officer
  33. Peter Corsell, former CIA analyst
  34. Brett Davis, former CIA senior intelligence officer
  35. Roger Zane George, former national intelligence officer:
  36. Steven L. Hall, former CIA senior intelligence officer
  37. Kent Harrington, former national intelligence officer
  38. Don Hepburn, former national security executive, now president of Boanerges Solutions LLC
  39. Timothy D. Kilbourn, former dean of CIA’s Kent School of Intelligence Analysis
  40. Ron Marks, former CIA officer
  41. Jonna Hiestand Mendez, former CIA technical operations officer, now on board of the International Spy Museum
  42. Emile Nakhleh, former director of CIA’s Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program, now at University of New Mexico
  43. Gerald A. O’Shea, former CIA senior operations officer
  44. Nick Shapiro, former CIA deputy chief of staff and senior adviser to the director
  45. John Sipher, former CIA senior operations officer
  46. Stephen Slick, former National Security Council senior director for intelligence programs
  47. Cynthia Strand, former CIA deputy assistant director for global issues
  48. Greg Tarbell, former CIA deputy executive director
  49. David Terry, former National Intelligence Collection Board chairman
  50. Greg Treverton, former National Intelligence Council chair, now senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies
  51. Winston Wiley, former CIA director of analysis

When asked for comment, some of them said they would need additional information to determine if the emails and laptop contents, now authenticated, were truly authnetic. Others said that it seemed plausible at the time that the laptop was Russian disinformation so they signed the letter. Still, others cling to their belief that the laptop and emails, though real, are still a Russian disinformation plot.