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Monday, April 11, 2022

Skull's Rainbow Room Printers Alley


So, if you want a great breakfast experience in Nashville, TN I have a solid recommendation for you.

DO NOT GO to this restaurant.  Don't even think about it.

We (party of 4) had made a reservation for the 10 a.m. opening on April 10th.    Two of us ordered the Steak Medallion Breakfast.  Both of us did NOT get a single egg!   I know there is an egg shortage but whoever they drug in to cook their breakfast food didn't have a clue that eggs were part of this entre'! 

We arrived early and were seated immediately.  It was very cool to cold in the restaurant and fans were blowing cold air down on our table.  We politely asked the staff to turn off the fans and they said they could not but would turn on the heat.   Yeah, sure, right. 

There was no salt or pepper shakers on the table nor was any ketchup offered or brought with the 4 entree's. 

The food was half cold and tasteless at best.

This eatery is the single most overpriced restaurant I have had the displeasure to dine in over my short 67 years.  What a disaster in taste, pricing and value.  

I would urge you to save your dollars and never enter this rip-off joint unless you just want to drink and enjoy the live music.

The food prices are simply outrageous but the quality of the food was worse.        

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