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Friday, February 21, 2020


Crossville is loaded with welfare queens and kings.  Loaded with drug addicts, pill freaks and a large majority who have no desire to work.  Here are some issues.

One of the major problems with the welfare structure is that it requires funding in the form of taxes, debt, and inflation. The tax structure necessary to fund redistribution schemes naturally creates a Tax Dead Zone. What this dead zone does is create an income range where, after all taxes and benefits are accounted for, earning an extra dollar in gross income results in either no change or a reduction in net income.
Essentially, the extra dollar in earnings is taxed at 100 percent or more, penalizing the current recipient for attempting to exit public assistance. This dead space is nearly $20,000 in range, meaning that if the person estimates they’re unable to consistently earn above roughly $60,000 a year, it’s better to not try and to stick around $18,000 a year since the net benefit structure at $18,000 results in more resources to live on than at $45,000. It is mathematically impossible to design a welfare and tax structure that doesn’t, at some point, penalize a welfare recipient for earning more money.
Another insidious trap is the regulatory structure. People who are current welfare recipients tend to have few or no job skills. This is particularly true for younger individuals who haven’t had a first job yet. What the regulatory state does is drive up the cost of employment. When employment costs are raised, be it through a minimum wage or workplace rules, a higher skill level is demanded from the worker to generate sufficient revenues to justify the cost. If the applicant isn’t sufficiently skilled, they won’t get hired.
Unemployment can create a cycle of further unemployment in this environment. Since skills degrade over time, a person who elects to take twenty-six weeks of paid unemployment instead of a temporary lower-skilled role will be at a major disadvantage. Long-term unemployment becomes a trap, since the individual will no longer possess sufficient skills to cover the cost in wage mandates, taxes, and regulatory impositions of hiring them. If public unemployment benefits didn’t exist and the state didn’t artificially inflate the cost of employment, this individual wouldn’t have been lured into taking a six-month vacation and wouldn’t have struggled to justify the costs of their employment.
The impacts are particularly bad in terms of generational poverty. The minimum wage has a strong negative impact on youth employment rates. Teens who are unemployed enjoy significantly lower lifetime earnings and are more likely to be unemployed as adults compared to their peers who held a part-time job. This, in turn, leads to greater utilization of public sector benefits.


I was walking home in the summer of 2016.. I worked for the DNC.. I was the Data Director for New Voter Registration. I was shot multiple times and murdered. When my body was found I still had my... Wallet Cash Credit Cards Necklace Phone(s) Watch But they said it was a Botched Robbery? Who am I?

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Life as a Democrat

I try not to watch politics on TV.  No need to waste my time.  I do get enough politics on the internet.  I have known some great Democrats over the years and have friends today who vote the ticket Democratic.   It is a great country for sure.

Never in my life was I ever worried about someone else having too much money.  With that type of thinking I guess I could never be a Democrat.  Don't Democrats believe that to make America a better place for economic equality we need to reward mediocrity and punish success?   

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

BLAGO is a free man!!!!

Blagojevich was found guilty of 17 charges (including wire fraud, attempted extortion, and conspiracy to solicit bribes, attempting to extort the owners of the Tribune Company and to fire Chicago Tribune editors who criticized the governor's handling of state affairs. He was also charged with abuse of power concerning release of$8 million of state funds to Children's Memorial Hospital expecting to obtain a $50,000 campaign contribution. (sounds almost like a carbon copy of Trump's Ukraine affair).  Also, seeking graft in the form of $2.5 million in campaign contributions (through 2008) from companies and individuals who have received state contracts or appointments.
It's nothing that Hillary Clinton hasn't done already, so why is it Trump is pardoning Blagojevich and not jailing Clinton?

Stop. Watch this. Just do it.

Don't believe me?    Just go stand in front of a mirror and ask the expert if this is great.


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

And you think it's bad in America?

If you invest $1,000,000 today in a German bond for 30 years your annual return would be $1,310 every year for 30 years.

Being as smart as you are what do you think the overall rate of return might be factoring in inflation over the next 30 years?

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Johnson Family Medicine, LLC Crossville, TN

Was referred to LNP Yolanda Hohimer by a friend.  I am relatively new to Cumberland County having purchased a farm here in 2005.  Now a Medicare and BC/BS supplement enrollee I need a wellness check-up provider and thought I would act on the recommendation of a current patient of the Johnson practice.

I didn't know that a medical practice can discriminate against Medicare patients!  Unlucky me!   The lady on the phone, with an attitude I might add, let me know in no certain terms that becoming a patient there as a Medicare payee is impossible. 

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Cluster in IOWA...........

The dingleberries can't get vote totals from Iowa but don't worry folks, they're going to take 300 million guns, give everyone free healthcare, free college, forgive student loans and provide "free-shit" along with green new-deal ponies and rainbows!

What a racket on the back of United States taxpayers.

Sunday, February 02, 2020

My fellow Americans..........

If this doesn't scare the living shit out of you.............

A majority of Democrat voters favor a communist, Comrade Bernie Sanders, to be the next President.