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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Family logic in Georgia..........GMAFB

“There was never a sign at all of any kind of child molestation. The Deon I knew at that time, he was stealing cars and stuff like that. He never, ever gave anyone an impression that he would touch any child. He was the perfect man,” Sophie's grandmother replied.

Chicago killings.............

My buddies, all gun owners, hunters and all-around great guys who believe in self-defense with a firearm often bring up the  statistics of those wounded versus those dead in the on going thuggery of third-world Chicago, Illinois.

So many wounded so few dead.

But why they ask.   And I tell them.

Spraying into crowds, running gunfights, poor practice habits, not enough range time, unfamiliarity with their weapon, shooting from a moving vehicle, poor light, firing when drug induced and on and on and on.  There is no end to the reasons why these thugs continue to miss and have such a poor ratio of shots fired per number of deaths.

The only winners in Chicago are the funeral parlors, ammo manufacturers, E. R. personnel, EMT folks, window manufacturers, physical therapists, big pharma,  medical crowd,  fire department personnel and on and on and on.

The drug and turf wars continue unabated.

Day after day, year after year.

Imagine if it were caucasians killing one another. 

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Libs with guns

2019-Dem kills 22 in TX 2019-Dem kills 9 in OH 2016-Dem kills 49 in FL 2015-Dem kills 12 in CA 2013-Dem kills 12 in Navy Shipyard 2012-Dem kills 26 in CT 2012-Dem kills 7 in MN 2011-Dem kills 12 at Movies 2007-Dem kills 32 at VA Tech Raise your hand if you want to ban Democrats!

Monday, August 05, 2019

Trillions paying a NEGATIVE rate

Negative Bond Yields through...
50 yrs: Switzerland 30 yrs: Germany, Netherlands 20 yrs: Denmark 15 yrs: Japan, Austria, Finland, Sweden, France, Belgium 10 yrs: Slovakia, Ireland, Slovenia 8 yrs: Spain 7 yrs: Portugal 5 Yrs: Malta 3 yrs: Cyprus 2 yrs: Italy 1 yr: Bulgaria

Obama carnage

Under Obama: 2009 - Fort Hood, 13 killed 2012 - Aurora, CO, 12 killed 2012 - Sandy Hook, 26 killed 2013 - Washington Navy Yard, 12 killed 2015 - San Bernardino, 14 killed 2016 - Orlando, 49 killed. Under Obama young black Americans continued to die on the streets of Chicago.