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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Life at 70

The story is still being written.   Life at 70 is still under construction.  

Life at 60 wasn't bad either in the picture below but I think it's better now!

We laughed so hard when we figured out that my bride had selected THE EXACT SAME SHIRT for me to wear on my 70th birthday as I wore on my 60th!  I guess my normal attire of ARIAT, CARHARTT, and SITKA  didn't make the cut!

One thing for certain and you can take that to the bank or your tipi in Mandaree, Pine Ridge, or Lake Andes.  It's been a hell of a great year in the stock market.

Last year on this day, my birthday, the Parisian Family closed the transaction on our beautiful home here in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.   It took a huge chunk of our investment accounts but two things have happened since then.  One, the real estate market has picked up in Los Cabos and the market value of our home has increased substantially.  Hundreds of thousands I would think.  Secondly, our investment accounts have gained back over $1,200,000 in the past year to compensate for some of what we had to shell out for Casa Tule'.   Good fortune or pure luck?  Intelligent investing or pure luck?  Smart timing or pure luck?  Good markets or pure luck? Doesn't matter.  Up is up. I'll drink to that. Feliz Navidad!  

The stocks don't know I own them and wouldn't behave any differently if they did.

It's only money and there is much life beyond one's finances.  Remember, if it's a problem about money it's not really a problem.

This year I had the extreme displeasure of experiencing the actions of the single biggest prick I have ever heard of in 70 years.  The single biggest turd sandwich who happens to work in the United States military.  Pure ugly.  
Dr. Woodrow Monica was right.  The political woke are entrenched in our military.

I moved to San Diego in 1979 from the winter deep freeze of Minnesota.  The best real estate in San Diego is still controlled by the United States Navy.   And speaking of the Navy in San Diego read this piece in your spare time and clue yourself on military graft and corruption.

San Diego Navy Admirals FOR SALE!

It's a classic tale of why the United States should close 50% of our military bases.

And speaking of Colorado Woke, nothing in Colorado amazes me anymore.  With all the THC wafting around I see it's up to its woke tricks.  The Colorado Supreme Court ruled today that democracy is a clear and present danger to the fascist oligarchy.

Today I took the day off from my daily exercise of swimming in the ocean.  Needed a rest.   80 isn't that far off!  Maybe I will change shirts.  But I think she likes what she sees!

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