Manages Parisian Family Office. Began Wall Street, 82. Founded investment firm, Native American Advisors. Member, White Earth Chippewa Tribe. Was NYSE/FINRA arb. Conservative. Raised on Native reservations. Pureblood, clot-shot free. In a world elevated on a tech-driven dopamine binge, he trades from Ghost Ranch on the Yellowstone River in MT, his TN farm, Pamelot or CASA TULE', his winter camp in Los Cabos, Mexico. Always been, and will always be, an optimist.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sinking GE..........

Two of the many reasons CNBC viewership is declining is Sue Herrera and "Tits" Cabrerra. Simply brain dead.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Apology requested......

Dear President Obama:

After admitting you did not know the facts of the Cambridge police "racial" abuse claims, you declared that the officer acted "stupidly".

When are you going to declare in a press conference:

1)That Tim Geithner acted "stupidly" by not paying his income tax like the rest of us??

2)That Kathleen Sebelius acted "stupidly" by not paying her income tax like the rest of us??

3)That Tom Daschle acted "stupidly" by not paying his income tax like the rest of us??

4)That Hilda Solis acted "stupidly" by not paying her income tax like the rest of us??

5)That Ron Kirk acted "stupidly" by not paying his income tax like the rest of us??

6)That Nancy Killefer acted "stupidly" by not paying her income tax like the rest of us??

7)That Jeremiah Wright acted "stupidly" by screaming and inciting mass rage, preaching that HIV was invented by the U.S. government as a tool of genocide to exterminate African-Americans?

8) That Jeremiah Wright acted "stupidly" by inciting mass rage by screaming "God DAMN America" . . . God DAMN the U.S. of KKK America"??

9) That you acted "stupidly" by staying in this "church" and paying money to further enable this fanatic, Wright, for 20 years??

It's time, Mr. President, that you man up and admit you and your inner circle of advisors have acted "stupidly" while you accuse and scold "the little people", like the officer in Cambridge.

And the apology is in order for attacking a policeman doing his duty.

I hope the beer is cold and that Skip Gates shows up without trying to play the race card. Enjoy the meeting.

Your constituent,

Dean Parisian

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

She should be doing time. A long time.

Ruth Madoff is sued for $45 million.

The court-appointed trustee claims Ruth Madoff has $44.8 million and wants her to turn it over for victims. Her lawyer says suit is 'perplexing.'

Her attorney needs to be disbarred for calling that a "perplexing" suit.

What did I miss?

1. Offended the Queen of England.

2. Bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia .

3. Praised the Marxist Daniel Ortega.

4. Kissed Hugo Chavez on the cheek.

5. Endorsed the Socialist Evo Morales of Bolivia.

6. Announced we would meet with Iranians with no pre-conditions.

7. Gave away billions to AIG. also without pre-conditions.

8. Expanded the bailouts.

9. Insulted everyone who has ever loved a Special Olympian.

10. Doubled our national debt.

11. Announced a termination of the space defense system the day after the North Koreans launched an ICBM.

12. Despite the urgings of his own CIA director and the prior 4 CIA directors, released information on intelligence gathering.

13. Accepted without public comment the fact that five of his cabinet members cheated on their taxes and two others withdrew after they couldn't take the heat.

14. Appointed a Homeland Security Chief who quickly identified as "dangers to the nation", groups including veterans of the military, and opponents to abortion on demand, and who ordered that the word "terrorism" no longer be used but instead referred to such acts as "man made disasters".

15. Circled the globe so he could openly apologize for America's greatness.

16. Told Mexicans the violence in their country was because of us.

17. Politicized the census by moving it into the White House from its Department of Commerce origins..

18. Appointed as Attorney General the man who orchestrated the forced removal and expulsion from America to Cuba of a nine-year old whose mother died trying to bring him to a life of freedom in theUnited States.

19. Salutes as heroes three Navy SEALS who took down three terrorists who threatened one American life and the next day announces members of the Bush administration will likely stand trial for "torturing" a terrorist who had played a part in killing 3000 Americans by pouring water up their nose.

20. Flew Air Force One over New York City causing panic at a cost of $400,000 to get a photo you can make with Photo Shop for less than a dollar.

21. Sent his National Defense Advisor to Europe to assure Europe that the US will no longer treat Israel in a special manner and they might be on their own with the Muslims

22. Began the process of nationalizing the Auto Industry and the Insurance industry.

23. Announced that for all intent and purposes, the Health Insurance Industry will be nationalized.

2012 can't get here soon enough. God help us all.

America's biggest media hound.......

Beating out Skip Gates for that title surely can be none other than Brett Favre.

This guy just can't give up putting on the pads every season and he may not be done for good. As long as the media frenzy continues you can count on him to keep in front of the microphone.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Senator Ted Kaufman of Delaware

Congratulations to the people of Delaware who have a real mover and shaker amongst them. This cowboy pushed and pulled for what the SEC will not do.

The lack of leadership coming from the SEC on the total ban of naked short selling by requiring a "hard-locate" and preborrow requirement is business as usual for the fat cats on Wall Street and around the world. The likes of Milken and Cohen and their ilk are open for business to do what they do best, push the envelope to continue the business of their bear raids.

Why the SEC is holding a roundtable to discuss naked short selling in the next 60 days is almost unfathomable, but then it is the SEC and you can ask any Madoff client about how effective they are in acting on all of the information at hand to combat the fraud and crime in naked short selling.

I sure hope the boys from are invited to sit with Ms. Shapiro of the SEC at the roundtable. She may learn a thing or two if she really cares.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Finally got lucky..........

The bull elk in the Bull Mountains of Montana are on notice.

I got awful lucky and drew a tag for a bull in the Bulls this fall.

It's been years coming.

No truer words were ever spoken........

Palin also said Alaska should resist "government largesse" because it can't help you be "healthy or happy or wealthy or wise."

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Government stupidity at work here.....

The CASH for CLUNKERS program, giveaway of taxpayer funds) is ready to roll!!

The government makes an electronic transfer of $3,500 or $4,500 to the dealer for each qualifying sale. The dealer has to ruin the engine of the trade-in so it never can be reused, then send the vehicle to a scrap yard.

CARS runs until Nov. 1, or until its $1 billion budget is gone. The government website has full details.

Generally speaking, the new car has to be rated 22 miles per gallon or more by the government in combined city-highway driving. The trade-in can't be older than 1984 and has to be rated 18 mpg or less. Ratings are at

Hey, a billion here a billion there adds up.........pure and simple, it's waste.

The Haircut...........

One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut.

After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, 'I cannot accept money from you , I'm doing community service this week.' The florist was pleased and left the shop.

When the barber went to open his shop the next morning, there was a 'thank you' card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door.

Later, a cop comes in for a haircut, and when he tries to pay his bill, the barber again replied, 'I cannot accept money from you , I'm doing community service this week.' The cop was happy and left the shop.

The next morning when the barber went to open up, there was a 'thank you' card and a dozen donuts waiting for him at his door.

Then a Congressman came in for a haircut, and when he went to pay his bill, the barber again replied, 'I can not accept money from you. I'm doing community service this week.' The Congressman was very happy and left the shop.

The next morning, when the barber went to open up, there were a dozen Congressmen lined up waiting for a free haircut.

And that, my friends, illustrates the fundamental difference between the citizens of our great country and the politicians who run it.

Market integrity???? sure, yea, right.........

July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Charles Schumer, the third-ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate, asked the Securities and Exchange Commission to ban so-called flash orders for stocks, saying they give high-speed traders an unfair advantage.

Schumer’s letter to SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro yesterday raised the stakes in a debate over the practice offered by Nasdaq OMX Group Inc., Bats Global Markets and Direct Edge Holdings LLC, which handle more than two-thirds of the shares traded in the U.S. With flash orders, exchanges wait up to half a second before they publish bids and offers on competing platforms, giving their own customers an opportunity to gauge demand before other traders.

“This kind of unfair access seriously compromises the integrity of our markets and creates a two-tiered system, where a privileged group of insiders receives preferential treatment,” Schumer wrote in the letter.

Flash orders make up less than 4 percent of U.S. stock trading, according to Direct Edge and Bats. They have drawn criticism from the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, which is Wall Street’s main lobbying group, and Getco LLC, one of the biggest firms that uses high-frequency trading strategies to make markets in stocks and options. NYSE Euronext, owner of the world’s largest exchange by the value of companies it lists, told the SEC in May that the technique results in investors getting worse prices.

Schumer, a member of the Senate Banking Committee, said he will introduce legislation to ban flash orders if the SEC doesn’t act on his request.

‘Deeper Conversation’

“This practice has been going on for three years and didn’t get much attention until the New York Stock Exchange” started complaining, said Sang Lee, managing partner at financial- services consultant Aite Group LLC in Boston. “Someone like Chuck Schumer getting involved in the process will create a deeper conversation about where the whole market is headed.”

Brian Fallon, a spokesman at Schumer’s office in Washington, confirmed Schumer sent the letter. Erik Hotmire, an SEC spokesman, declined to comment. Nasdaq’s Robert Madden, Randy Williams of Bats and Ray Pellecchia of NYSE Euronext also didn’t respond. Nasdaq and NYSE are based in New York. Bats has its headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri.

Direct Edge, based in Jersey City, New Jersey, handles the most flash trades through its three-year-old Enhanced Liquidity Provider program. Chief Executive Officer William O’Brien said in an interview yesterday that it’s available to any brokerage and that investors choose to have their orders held to make it more likely they will be executed.

‘Better Position’

“Anybody can be part of it,” he said. “This is something that warrants a debate, and when you have so many competing interests, we think the SEC is in a better position to fulfill that.”

The Schumer letter follows concerns expressed by investors and traders that computer-driven strategies executing hundreds of trades a minute make stock prices more volatile and boost costs. NYSE Euronext, operator of the New York Stock Exchange, estimates that about 46 percent of daily volume is executed through high-frequency strategies.

For the past decade, U.S. equity markets have sought to draw more business from high-frequency traders by offering rebates on transaction fees. Exchanges rent space in their data centers to brokerages so they can cut the distance information must travel and reduce transaction times to eke out an edge over the competition.

‘Not Good’

“You have all this activity going on that in one way or another is preferencing one part of the investing group over another,” said Michael Panzner, author of “The New Laws of the Stock Market Jungle” and a Wall Street trader for a quarter century. “That’s not good.”

More than 75 percent of money managers use computer-driven strategies because they reduce costs, according to a survey this month conducted by Greenwich Associates, a consulting firm in Stamford, Connecticut. For those transactions, they rely on some of Wall Street’s largest brokerages, which account for two- fifths of high-frequency trading, NYSE estimates.

Traders including David Lutz say automated brokerages are helpful because they boost liquidity, increasing the likelihood that buyers and sellers will agree on a price. Competition has driven bids and offers for stocks including Microsoft Corp., Citigroup Inc. and General Electric Co. to 1 cent in the U.S., according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

“When high-frequency traders are in the stocks I’m trying to execute, it helps me find the best execution,” said Lutz, a managing director of equity trading at Stifel Nicolaus & Co. in Baltimore. “It’s completely benign to me.”

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hank Paulson

The book he is supposedly working on should be a real winner.

The differences in his writing and what he has testified too will be interesting.

One will probably have to be wearing very high boots to read it.

The bullshit inside ought to be deep.

Why I get pissed at the grocery, don't you too?

I don't mind standing in line at the grocery store watching (invariably) a women in front of me buying alot of food. And paying for that nutritious food with food stamps.

What irks me to no end is her lover/boyfriend/father of her children stepping in behind and buying all the beer, wine and cigarettes with cash.

Fair? Equitable? Honest? Right?

Not a chance.

Boortz says it his words here

Americans think they want freedom. What a crock. Americans will whine about their freedom to choose which sports team to root for or which Hollywood gossip magazine to buy. But when freedom requires any ounce of personal responsibility, people immediately wipe their hands clean and want someone else to do it for them. This is where the Democrats come in .. the Democrats will make sure that the government is there to do the things the people of this country no longer feel is their personal responsibility. The reason why the Democrats are willing to do this is also simple: power. Ensuring votes. Not hard to figure out, is it?

Second, who is going to pay for this? That's also easy to answer. The achievers. The filthy, disgusting rich. The small business owners. If you are an individual making over $280,000 you will be shouldering even more of the tax burden in order to pay for this government healthcare/redistribution scheme. Don't worry, that's just a starting point. That number will slowly shift downward as Democrats realize they don't have the enough money to fund their dreams and schemes. But guess what? That includes more than 1 million small businesses in America. Those small businesses that provide jobs and write paychecks .. yep, those are the evil rich people the Democrats want to hit with tax increases. And to really play on the wealth envy of Americans, the Democrats want to increase taxes even more .. 5.4% tax increase .. on people earning more than $1 million a year. I'm sure most Americans are okay with that one. Those people are millionaires because they were lucky! Right?

By the way, the Democrats also want to ram this thing through the Congress as fast as possible. We are talking within weeks. That move is also not hard to understand .. the longer Americans have to really look into the details of this bill and begin to understand the consequences of this bill, the harder it will be to support it. Then again, that assumes that Americans give a flying Krispy Kreme about the future of this country.

CNBC Today........

Listening to the grilling of Hank Paulson today is what is wrong with this country.

Cutting through the bullshit to get to the truth is so very diffucult with all of the distortion by the former chief of the white shoe firm.

The pattern of deception by those at the top must be stopped.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


“If you can walk, You can dance. If you can talk, You can sing”.

--Zimbabwean proverb

Economic Cannibalism

Dana Perino, last night brought up a very interesting term. The more I thought about it the more impressed I was with what all it entails. Today, we are in a tsunami of what she calls "economic cannibalism".

So who is being devoured? Who is the next meal for the insiders within the money machine and the hallowed halls of DC? Insiders in DC should be the next meal but they won't. With its astronomical homicide rate, half the fire hydrants not working, rats on the Mall and the schools a disgrace, DC will survive.

Being eaten is Main Street. Food for the machine is the small businesses of America. They are the cash cow, the buffet, the cafeteria of money that these goons think will never end. Yesterday Goldman Sachs announced stellar earnings after taking $10,000,000,000 in direct aid from the American taxpayer and fives times that amount in indirect aid from hard working tax paying Americans. America, you are being used and fed upon by the insiders.

Cap-n-trade and health-care reform are just more reasons for DC to take your money and redistribute it to the insiders. I wonder when America will have had enough of being swallowed, digested and expelled before they get a clue and turn the insiders agenda into the "menu"?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amazing numbers......

If over 33,000,000 are on food stamps and we support crop subsidies with tax dollars maybe the health care reform problem could be taken care of by having those on food stamps eat food that is produced in this country and very healthy.

Why do "rich" people have to care for those who won't and don't care for themselves by their unhealthy lifestyles? The incentives should be on prevention of bad health and encourage good health. These idiots have it backwards. It's like putting rehab before education.

July 9 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. House of Representatives approved a $123.8 billion budget for the Agriculture Department and the Food and Drug Administration that boosts food-safety funding and eliminates money for animal identification.

Discretionary spending would jump by 11 percent to $22.9 billion for the year that begins Oct. 1 under the bill approved today in a 266-160 vote. The rest of the budget funds programs whose spending is mandated by law, such as crop supports and
land conservation. About half of the budget covers food stamps, which went to a record 33.8 million people in April.

FDA spending would increase by 15 percent to $2.35 billion. Overall, funds allotted for the two agencies would rise 6.5 percent from this year’s spending as estimated by the White House, as wider use of government nutrition programs and increased efforts to improve food safety draw additional federal dollars.

The bill is “responsible agriculture legislation that encourages long-term growth,” Representative Rosa DeLauro said yesterday as she introduced the measure on the House floor. The Connecticut Democrat is chairwoman of the House Appropriations
subcommittee that oversees agriculture spending.

Opponents, mostly Republicans, questioned the bill’s cost. “What this bill does not have is decreases in spending,” said Representative Jack Kingston of Georgia, the top Republican on DeLauro’s subcommittee, who voted against the measure.

Money and power, hey throw in some greed and........

If only the SEC would move this quickly on the Wall Street thieves (Milken, Chanos, Cohen et al) as they did on the Russian (ex-Goldman employee) that "stole" the Goldman Sachs “Proprietary Trading software” (it took the FBI 48 hours to apprehend him after Goldman alerted them) or as quickly to implement rules to stop abusive naked shortselling as they did this theft.

The sheep eaters have plenty to pick from on Wall Street and America's regulators stand by and watch.

Be a meat eater or be a meal, your call............

William J. Bennett, in a lecture to the United States Naval Academy on November 24, 1997 said: “Most of the people in our society are sheep. They are kind, gentle, productive creatures who can only hurt one another by accident.” We may well be in the most violent times in history but violence is still remarkably rare. This is because most citizens are kind, decent people who are not capable of hurting each other except by accident or under extreme provocation. They are sheep.

Then there are the wolves and the wolves feed on the sheep without mercy. Do you believe there are wolves out there who will feed on the flock without mercy? You’d better believe it. There are evil men in this world and they are capable of evil deeds. The moment you forget that or pretend it is not so, you become a sheep. There is no safety in denial.

Then there are sheepdogs and I’m a sheepdog. I live to protect the flock and confront the wolf. If you have no capacity for violence, then you are a healthy productive citizen, a sheep.

If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens, then you have defined an aggressive sociopath, a wolf. But what if you have a capacity for violence and a deep love for your fellow citizens? What do you have then? A sheepdog – a warrior – someone who is walking the uncharted path – someone who can walk into the heart of darkness, into the universal human phobia, and walk out unscathed.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Just like an American Indian reservation.........

Did you know that 50% of deaths of Russians between the ages 15 to 54 are attributed to alcoholism?

That Russian future is bleak.

Extremely sad for the people who are impacted. Very sad.

SEC, politicians and media pundits please read carefully


1) The DTC through their “nominee” Cede and Co. “volunteers” to act as the surrogate “legal owner” of all shares held in “street name” ostensibly to “streamline” the trade clearing process.

2) UCC-Article 8 authors warn the DTC and its co-owning “participants” not to “lever” this role over the financial interests of the purchasers of shares who have been stripped of their “legal ownership” title and rights.

3) The DTC replies, “Are you kidding, NONE of our many thousands of “participants” would ever dream of taking advantage of U.S. investors”.

4) The purchasers of delivered shares thus become the “beneficial owners” of shares instead of their “legal owners”.

5) The purchasers of undelivered shares on midnight of T+3 become “security entitlement holders” to shares presumed to be en route.

6) UCC-8 dictates that both groups be treated exactly the same because delivery is presumably due at any moment (the default presumption).

7) The purchasers of shares who are the most motivated to make sure they got delivery of that which they purchased therefore become blindfolded as to whether the shares they bought ever got delivered or not because UCC-8 mandates that their clearing firm treat them as if they did get delivered. This policy is fine as long as the default presumption is accurate 100% of the time.

9) Due to this policy all FTDs and all SBP “borrows” result in the “issuance” of share price depressing “security entitlements” being credited to the accounts of even the purchasers of undelivered shares (presumed until proven otherwise to be en route).

10) The DTCC over time attains a monopoly on 15 of the 16 sources of empowerment to do buy-ins by “volunteering” to act in certain capacities like the “central counterparty “CCP” to all transactions and as a “qualified control location” able to attain and grant compliance with “The Customer Protection Rule” (15c3-3).

11) The fear of a buy-in is the only deterrent and a “buy-in” is the only cure available when the seller of shares absolutely refuses to voluntarily deliver them to the purchaser.

12) Opportunistic crooks realize that refusing to deliver that which they sold both establishes and monetizes a naked short position.

13) The crooks refuse to deliver that which they sold and their employees the NSCC management predictably refuse to deploy the only deterrent and only cure available even after the default presumption was proven to be in error.

14) The share price crashes from the accumulation of readily sellable share price depressing “security entitlements” which MANIPULATES the “supply” of that which is readily sellable upwards.

15) The crooks are only asked to “collateralize” on a daily marked to market basis the monetary value of the failed delivery obligation which is accomplished almost entirely with the investor’s money i.e. the crooks have no “skin in the game”.

16) Even though the sellers refuse to deliver that which they sold the buyer’s investment funds still flow to the sellers of nonexistent securities because as the share price predictably plummets so too do the collateralization requirements.

17) As per the wishes of their bosses the NSCC management has simply shirked their congressional mandates in order to look after the financial interests of their bosses.

On hold until 2010

TED NUGENT's 'Runnin' Wild' Pushed Back To Early 2010

According to, CMT has pushed the planned August launch of "Runnin' Wild...From Ted Nugent" to early 2010.

"Runnin' Wild...From Ted Nugent" is an eight-episode competition series in which iconic rocker, hunter and modern-day Davy Crockett, Ted Nugent, teaches ordinary people how to survive in the wild, and then evade the master... Nugent himself. It will feature competitors who struggle in wilderness-based endurance challenges created by Nugent and his eighteen-year-old son, Rocco, with only one competitor emerging as the winner.

"Ted is the ultimate outdoorsman and all-around wildman," said Bob Kusbit, head of development for CMT. "This series takes us inside Ted's head as he trains competitors to survive in the wilderness, creates challenges to test their abilities and mentally pushes them to their breaking points. It's a game of cat and mouse that showcases the strategy and skill of outdoor survival, as only Ted can do."

"Eric and I couldn't be happier in extending our relationship with CMT. This series incorporates action, drama and comedy with an over the top character in Ted out front." said Jason Hervey.

In each one-hour episode of "Runnin' Wild...From Ted Nugent", Nugent instructs three competitors on one of what he calls the "Big Five of Survival," which include psychology of Survival, Shelter, Water, Fire and Food, and will then design an obstacle centered on that skill. The lessons learned in each episode will be put to the test in the "big hunt," as the competitors try to survive on their own, all while Nugent and Rocco attempt to hunt them down. In this twist on the competition/elimination format, Nugent will determine the outcome himself at the end of each episode.

Detroit-born Ted Nugent first grabbed America's attention as the Gibson Byrdland-wielding lead guitarist of the band AMBOY DUKES. After almost a decade together, Nugent left AMBOY DUKES to pursue a solo career. As a solo musician, Nugent has sold over 35 million albums, which include hits such as "Stranglehold", "Spirit of the Wild" and "Cat Scratch Fever". In recent years, Nugent has become widely acknowledged as a hunter and conservationist. In recognition of his prowess, Nugent was inducted into the National Bowhunters Hall of Fame in 2009. A devoted hunter since the age of five, for Nugent, hunting is not a's a way of life. As America's top proponent of the Second Amendment, Nugent has served on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association (NRA) since 1995.

"Runnin' Wild...From Ted Nugent" is executive-produced by Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey of Bischoff Hervey Entertainment, as well as Steve Bowler, Bret Saxon and Jeff Bowler of Insomnia Media. Bob Kusbit, John Hamlin and Claire McCabe will executive-produce for CMT.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Banks and bankers..........

At best, gutless, at worst, thieves.

Hundreds of billions of stimulus, impeccable credit and the largest banks in the country back away from the simplest of credit lines. No wonder this country is in such a mess. This sham is taking us further along the direction we are headed.

Care to guess which direction that is?

the gloved one.......

As a father he abdictated his responsibility to his children by his behavior.

Behavior that killed him.

Senate Comedians

have a "real one" in their midst as of today........Minnesotans will get what they voted for. Talk about sick humor.

Government Motors cars...............

Luxury cars are soon to be a thing of the past. They have always been beyond my means but I took a luxury car out for a spin last week. The salesman sat in the back seat describing the car and options.

The seats were of particular interest. He explained the seats directed warm air to your body during the winter and directed cool air to your body in the summer.

I stated the car must be a Republican car. He asked why I thought it was a Republican car, and I explained if it were a Democratic car the seats would blow smoke up your ass year round.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Prayer for your life.............

A Rabbi dies and is waiting in line to enter heaven. In front of him is a guy dressed in a loud shirt, leather jacket, jeans and sunglasses.

Gabriel addresses this guy, "I need to know who you are so that I can determine whether or not to admit you to the Kingdom of Heaven?"

The guy replies, "I'm Moishe Levy, taxi driver."

Gabriel consults his list, smiles and says to the taxi driver, "OK. Take this silken robe and golden staff and enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

Now it's the Rabbi's turn. He stands upright and says, "I am Benjamin Himmelfarb and I had been Rabbi forty years."

Gabriel looks at his list and says to the Rabbi, "OK. Take this cotton robe and wooden staff and enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

"Hold on a minute," says Rabbi Himmelfarb, "that man before me was a taxi driver - why did he get a silken robe and golden staff?"

"Up here, we only work by results," says Gabriel. "While you preached, people slept - but while he drove, people prayed."

This weekend.........

It will be great to get back in the water at LaJolla Cove. It's been 20 years since the LaJolla offices of Drexel Burnham Lambert were locked forever. In some ways it seems like yesterday.

Why politicians are the worlds worst actors

"A lot of people think actors make good liars, but really, they have to be the most honest people in the world. It's their job."

-Daphne Ashbrook

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Goon Squad at Work..........

Vice President Joe Biden says the Obama administration "misread how bad the economy was" but stands by its stimulus package and believes the plan will create more jobs as the pace of its spending picks up.

What rock did the Vice-President crawl out from?

His econ classes pbviously weren't very good at getting him "book smarts" on how the economy works. Americans foot the trillions for their "misreading" and it's life as usual inside the Beltway. Joe taking one for the Commander-in-Lies.

Ted Nugent Talks, July 4, 2009

NUGENT: 'It's Independence Day, But Only For Those Of Us Who Refuse To Be Eaten By Fedzilla' - July 4, 2009

Legendary rocker Ted Nugent has penned the following "Fourth Of July" essay:

"As the stunned and defeated British army marched out of Yorktown, their band appropriately played the song 'A World Turned Upside Down'.

"Our forefathers pledged their lives and fortunes to fight and defeat the world's mightiest army and give birth to America. Our victory over King George was the greatest military upset in the annals of human history. George Washington believed our amazing victory was a result of divine providence.

"The dream of limited government, personal freedom and liberty, rugged individualism, and self-sufficiency that our forefathers fought and died for is rapidly disappearing in 2009. It is once again a world turned upside down.

"Our federal government is turning into the very type of heavy-handed, unaccountable, and disrespectful government our forefathers despised, fought against, and warned us to avoid. Too few Americans know and appreciate this critically important piece of American history. Shame on them.

"Instead of heeding the warnings of our forefathers, we have embraced big government and both political parties have been more than happy to give it to us over the past 45 years, thereby making us more dependent on Fedzilla — the federal beast with a voracious appetite for our tax dollars, and intentionally creating dependency and control. We are once again becoming subjects, not citizens.

"Fedzilla is the most unresponsive, unaccountable, bloated and ineffective bureaucratic nightmare the world has ever witnessed. It punishes the producers and risk-takers while rewarding the simpletons it has conned into believing it is helping. Fedzilla is the enemy of the free market and freedom.

"Instead of allowing the free market to correct itself, Fedzilla meddles in the free market and makes things worse. I give you Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Using our tax dollars, Fedzilla has purchased General Motors, and bailed out AIG and other financial institutions.

"Fedzilla pushed through an unauthorized trillion-dollar economic stimulus bill that not one elected representative read before voting on it. Regardless what legal nuance or loophole some Fedzillacrat lawyer could point to in our constitution or court decision that allows for such grotesque meddling and spending, I adamantly believe this level of federal meddling and control was not the dream of our forefathers.

"And guess what? It’s not working. Our economy would recover more and faster if Congress repealed the phony 'stimulus' and get out of the way of free market capitalism.

"In the latest of initiatives that 'we must solve immediately,' President Obama wants to Fedzillarize the health-care industry. Placing your health and trust in the bureaucratic hands of Fedzilla is analogous to asking a drunk driver for a ride. Fedzilla will destroy your health. It creates cancer, does not cure it.

"We are witnessing what large government will do to its citizens and to itself if left virtually unchecked. Due to unsustainable and out-of-control 'budgets,' the state of California is on verge of a financial meltdown. Other states such as New York are not far behind. Fedzilla will ultimately collapse under its own weight because the socialism model it is built upon is ultimately unsustainable. However, the social, economic, and cultural carnage it will cause to America until it collapses will be catastrophic. Free men and women are horrified.

"Higher taxes and more government ultimately lead to economic genocide. Alternatively, lower taxes, less government, and more independence lead to prosperity for all who are willing to take advantage of it. Our forefathers who threw the tea over the side of the ship in Boston Harbor knew this. The people who attended the Tea Parties this past April know it. Do you?

"Sometime during your Dependence Day celebration, you should take a few moments and read the Declaration of Independence aloud to your children, relatives and guests. Read it slowly and let the words sink in. When finished, reflect for a moment on our forefathers who bravely signed their names to it, thereby signing their own death warrant.

"Think about that. They were willing to die for the chance at limited federal
government, independence, freedom and liberty. They didn't fight and die for freedom so you could have Fedzilla housing, food, transportation and health care.

"To my fellow Americans who still cherish the dream of our founding fathers, I wish you a wonderful and Happy Independence Day. To those of you who are willing to compromise your liberty and freedom in the hopes that Fedzilla will provide you an artificial blanket of security, enjoy your Dependence Day.

"I'm a free man — a citizen, not a subject — who still hears the distant ringing of the Liberty Bell. Don't tread on me and I won't be forced to Ted on you. Be forewarned: push me too far at your own peril."