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Monday, May 31, 2021

Memorial Day Question

Dad always told the story of his crew in Chicago, when they got wind of the Pearl Harbor attack and saw the carnage headed to enlist.  Dad was trained as a bomber pilot.

On another note, the fragile planet has been polluted yet again with billions of unnecessary face masks.     It won't be long, probably late summer, early fall before we get the Greta's and the Karens lecturing us about "protecting the environment".   Earth Day next year will be an ideal time to harp on this quagmire of nonsense that probably can be found in every glove box, vehicle, brief case, desk drawer, sock drawer, underwear drawer, ad nauseum.

Man, that two weeks to flatten the curve made a hell of a lot of people filthy rich. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Logic with a room temperature I.Q. level.................

My Dad was a Law Enforcement Officer for a a couple of decades.  I grew up with a loaded .357 holstered by the back door.   Can anyone tell me why the demographic group responsible for the majority of violent crime in America is the same group calling for the abolition of police departments across the country?   Asking for a friend.