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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Jordan Stone Parisian

Another year, another Montana tag flying home in my pocket. Bowhunting is tough and anybody who has done it would tell you the same. Trying to stick a mature, trophy buck is even harder. Its more than just killing a deer, but giving that deer every advantage you had and beating the odds against you - odds that increase significantly when hunting a mature buck who has survived the brutality of nature for a few years like these two bucks who fought to the death. Its the hunt itself that makes a deer a trophy when bow hunting, not the points. I find myself frustrated far more than rewarded, especially when I am the only bow hunter in my family hunting a river bottom property where a rifle kills pretty much any deer in sight. Too far to shoot, too dark to shoot, too loud, a bad range, or a wrong wind are all things we have to beat for things to work out just right, on the right deer. Unfortunately these past two seasons that opportunity didn’t present itself to me, and while frustrated in the moments, I am far more grateful to have the opportunity to experience these incredible animals up close and personal and love it more than anything. And when that arrow does carry all the work, time, and dedication into a mature buck, it will be all the more worth it! Shoutout to all my bowhunters, and shoutout to all the hunters who let em grow this year. Can’t wait till next year. #KeepHammering@ Rosebud, Montana


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Monday, November 27, 2017

Nature isn't easy..............

Note the bloody horn tip of the standing buck on the right side.  That tip punctured the heart/lungs of the dead buck several times.  It was amazing being up close to the fury.  When we got the bucks "unstuck" the survivor walked away grunting in a foul mood.