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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

FED Math for Native Americans in Indian Country

The clown show in the Eccles Building in D.C. continues.  This is their math calculus.    In Year ONE, if you spend 4 Trillion more than you collect you have a 4 Trillion deficit and a 4 Trillion Debt.

With me so far, those of you in Lodge Grass, Twin Buttes, Kyle, White Clay, White Shield, Wounded Knee, those bastions of intellectual curiosity, socialist thought and co-parenting with the United States Government?   I lived in Indian country growing up, on or adjacent to 6 reservations.  My father worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in law enforcement.    The big war they're fighting on those reservations is internal - rape, elder and child abuse, gang violence, alcoholism, obesity, opioids, lack of parental oversight and the biggest joke of them all, getting "rich" at the casino with a something for nothing mentality.  

I miss anything?  Good, lets get back to FED math and roll.

So, if in Year TWO, you spend 3 Trillion more than you collected you have cut the deficit by 1 Trillion (25% right?) but you have exploded the debt to 7 Trillion and on and on it goes......Here, watch this for a couple of minutes if you want to see some numbers in action........

Debt of the U.S. Government

This is the government math that is eroding the buying power of every dollar you have today and all the tomorrows ahead.

Scary if you think about it but then most don't think, they are sheep waiting for reparations, a per cap check, welfare, EBT, you name it.  

Like I have said many times before, the pervasive mentality that somehow the United States Government will do something for Indian Country that will cure the ills of Indian Country is a joke.  A complete farce.   People who are brought up to believe that work is for suckers and that they are entitled to food and shelter will never move up. This culture is huge in reservation settings. Exposure to the culture of dependence will stunt a child's work ethic for life.

Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden have not and will not cure the massive diabetes issue, the rampant suicides, the gang violence, the vast numbers of illegitimate children out of wedlock, the lack of a work ethic, and surely won't break the cycle of poverty, addiction, moral courage and the suffocating absence of opportunity in Native communities. 

The American Dream does not sneak up on you and hit you over the head with a baseball bat. If not here? Where? If not now? When? If not you? Who? Success is where opportunity and hard work meet. At 14 I was hauling bales working in a hot hay field in North Dakota. At 15 I hired out to a ranch in Montana while my parents lived on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. My summer job all through High school was working on that ranch in Montana. Pay was $200 per month working 6 days a week. My last year it increased to $300 per month. Wow.  Trapped fox, coon, mink, muskrat, beaver, badger and coyotes in college.  Try that on before class.  Thankfully I own a ranch in Montana and enjoy that kind of work these days but there is NO money in it.  Only the satisfaction of doing the work. 

Know what? I have worked 54 years of my 68 on this planet. I am a bit tired. You want a good life? Work for it. Strap it on. Forget your skin color. Grow a pair and work your ass off. Think it is better elsewhere? Then move. Or shut the fuck up. I hear Cuba is opening soon. I can’t wait to see the boat people in Miami climbing on rickety boats to risk their lives to move there.

Does this country have problems? Yup, sure does, look at the stooges running it into the ground with math like that.

When the lights go out work may save you. Work. Work is the secret. If you are willing to work, you can have a chance at getting wealthy and paying taxes to keep the country afloat.

Good luck, I hope you paid some tax this year.  If you didn't, why should you be allowed to vote?  

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