Tuesday, April 19, 2022

DELTA flight attendants, plane servants, stewards, stewardesses etc...............

 I, along with many other Americans used to fly DELTA. 

Often.   Knew many of you by name.  You had a tough job for sure.

Your DELTA management team is pathetic.   You know it.  

Probably one of the worst management teams in the country.

A huge shout out to all of you for your recent attitudes in keeping mouths shut to guys (like me) who didn't wear a mask inflight.  There were many of us.

We all knew where we stood and stood there.

The happiness exhibited on the second leg of my flight yesterday was great.   From the guys upfront to all of you in the cabin, congratulations.

Of course, there was one kill-joy in your ranks, the punk kid sitting next to me and a pilot (Captain) hitching a ride to Nashville that simply love masking.

Good for them.

It's over.

The bullshit pseudo science experiment hoisted on the backs of America is toast.     


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