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Friday, November 03, 2023

America. Common Sense is Lost!!

Growing up across the Great Plains in Indian Country was very different than most anyone I know or grew up with.   Most of my friends who I grew up with on reservations  are dead from car wrecks caused by alcohol.   My Dad was always concerned about reservation boundaries keeping the “bad” guys off the reservation.   The bad guys never worked and only brought problems to Indian Country.  Look at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation today as a prime example of bad guys changing the cultural aspects of Indian land.

As I reflect on the crisis in the Middle East from the concrete jungle of Brooklyn, New York gazing across the East River to the skyscrapers of New York City I am reminded of how America welcomed the world to come here and work.   Not to leech off the fruits of American labor but to contribute to the greater good.  Work is what built this country and most Americans, Mike Rowe excluded, don’t  understand the value of work.

So let me try to decipher the horrific lunacy in the Middle East with some common sense from Indian Country    Indian tribes got the shit kicked out of them a couple hundred years ago by foreigners with steel and gunpowder!

Today in Israel, (I have only been to Israel a few times) border walls are a must, foreigners are undesirables, militia groups are critical to national security, everybody has guns for personal protection, and the walls of screening and security to enter the country are the greatest the world has ever seen!

Meanwhile, back in Biden country, (how stupid were you at the time to vote for this bum versus how stupid are you now?) we have Americans with guns to protect themselves who are called white supremacists, we have militias sponsored by the government to quell liberty, Americans who are for putting a stop to open borders who are considered bad people, politicians who think border walls and boundaries are bad, and a  state-sponsored border invasion that is good!  

Where in the hell is common sense boys and girls?

Follow the money, the answers are all there!

Isn’t it weird to you that America is trying to impose the eradication of exactly what Israel wants today?

Think about it today and all the tomorrows ahead   It’s your country for your children and grandchildren    It’s all you got!

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