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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Lethargy, End of Summer, Laziness

Who the hell knows.  I sure don't.   Maybe it's August doldrums, maybe the news cycle, maybe school starting.   

It sure seems to me, how about to you, that America is lazy as hell.  In a funk.  Maybe the lies from all corners of government are wearing thin.  Maybe the COVID scam is wearing thinner.  Maybe the BIDEN Ukrainian kick-back scheme is falling apart?  

Maybe in our new world without fair elections, war is actually peace and slavery is freedom but only the MIC would know for sure. 

There seems to be a general malaise whether it is strapped buying power, theft, homosexuals flouting their desires, lack of fathers, summer heat, higher gas prices, school starting, stock market taking a much needed breather, who knows.

I feel a general sense of sheer laziness about life. 

Where is the American work ethic these days?

How about you?

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