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Thursday, August 31, 2023

August books are closed. It's all SCHWAB from here..............

August is in the books.    It ended on a wonderful high note that only the trading gods could produce!  Who could have imagined such strength?    Lots of good traders caught on the wrong side of this move.

September is the "worst" month, historically, for the market.   I go long or short so that isn't a maxim I am concerned with.  I trade what I see, I trade what the price and volume action tell me.  

Human emotions haven't changed for 10,000 years.  The charts tell the story.  The age old story of fear and greed, pain and pleasure.  

As we roll into the fall it is disheartening to see how little the spineless, worthless, GOP contingent has done for our nation.

- Produce useless bills you know can't pass the Senate or a veto.

- Caved on the debt ceiling.  Writing Ukraine blank checks.

- Neocons pushing war over peace.
- Lies about releasing Jan 6 tapes.

- Terrified to impeach anyone.

In closing, I want to give a  sincere and hearty thank you to all of the gracious, humble, thoughtful, caring, personable, kind, helpful, bright, talented and above all, wonderful, people I have dealt with at T. D. Ameritrade Institutional and at T.D. Ameritrade over the last quarter of a century.   Solid, experienced, well trained I could go on and on.   From my desk to all of you, a very sincere thank you, that in you helping me to once help clients, and helping my investments since retirement you have made life far easier.

In the language of my tribe, the White Earth Chippewa, I say,

Miigwech    (thank you)  

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