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Monday, August 07, 2023

Barbie Mania and WBD

When you own shares in WBD, Warner Brothers Discovery, quite by accident and Barbie Mania takes hold, what should one do?

The wizards at ATT thought they would rock the world and take a telecom giant up the slippery slope to stardom and instead were gifted an abyss that is awful hard to crawl out from.  Time Warner executives had to laugh all the way to their Swiss bank accounts or were they in Lichenstein?  

Debt, especially corporate debt, in a rising interest rate environment is a tough cookie to digest.

Easy to make and eat, hard to digest after the fact.

The Hollywood SAG writers guild wacko's will hopefully be on the picket line until 2025.   Union rats, the hell with the cheese just don't let them out of the trap.     

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