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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Junk Science All Around, WAKE UP America!

Was headed to the water today to get out and run the jet ski.

I love it.  Wind, sun, speed and water.   The weather forecast said no chance of rain.  No thunderstorms.    They pay these government forecasters good tax dollars to be halfway correct but this severe lightning, wind and now raining for an hour is not what was in the forecast.  Oh well, another day of outstanding reading ahead.

Between the climate scammers in Maui, who set those fires anyway?  Arson accounted for how many millions of acres burnt in Canada this summer?  The burners won't change.  Since man lived in the caves fire has had his attention.   Those residents had to feel like they were in Dresden.   (hint, Germany for those in Mandaree)

I guess the months of arson, destruction of federal and private property, BLM violence, murders, and terrorism wasn't enough.  The Democrats want you to believe that a little riot at the Capital of the United States, broken windows and one dead Trump supporter, murdered by a government employee, is the biggest event in American history.

The fires in Hawaii, in Canada, in Greece, in Italy just aren't accidents, lightening, cigarette butts or just a "coincidence" boys and girls.  They are a means to an end to fit the globalist agenda of climate tyranny and population control 

If you think about it you see it don't you?  And finally, you are bright enough to understand that the team that surrounds this demented soul living (in Delaware) at 1600 Pennyslvania Avenue is wrecking the world. 

Clear as the day is long.   

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