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Sunday, June 16, 2024

A Pine Ridge education on Fathers Day

Being the son of a career Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement Officer who attended 4 high schools in 3 states it was good exposure to high school educators and those not-so-good. 

I went to private Catholic boarding schools off-reservation, to government boarding schools in Pine Ridge, to off-reservation public high schools.

One of my college degrees was in Secondary Education.   I will never forget my instructor who didn't agree with my stance on education in government BIA schools for Native Americans.   I had 3 quarters of classes with him.  First quarter, took an "A" grade.   Second quarter, took a "B" grade.  Third quarter, took a "C" grade.  Fairly obvious wasn't it?

Blue states and blue cities and America are in trouble with educating youth.

There doesn't appear to be a Father in sight!   Two parent households?  Where do you find them in the inner city?

All I see is fake diplomas, fake learning, fake "teachers", fake test scores, fake parents, and fake intentions of changing it.

I see new trans bathrooms, free abortions for the staff, and solar panels on the buildings.  This elevates the aura and the school atmosphere and shows real commitment to students which makes them study harder out of respect for the taxpayers investment.

Students will lay down their guns, show up to school daily, put down the pot pipe, toss out the smokeless tobacco, and walk through the metal detectors ready to learn about LGBT history and how evil the white man and America is every day.

My Dad always said you can only make diamonds from coal that is under a great deal of pressure.   Why would you expect test scores to go up when taxpayer money is being spent on metal detectors, multiple layers of security, and often a bomb (gunpowder) sniffing dog at each school?

The finest principal at what was once, Oglala Community High School in Pine Ridge, S.D., was James Lomax.  Bar none.   Jim was a football player at Chadron State in Chadron, Nebraska.  He married a girl from Scottsbluff and they worked and lived in Pine Ridge as educators.  Jim took no bullshit from anyone.  He was fair.  He called it like he saw it.  He was what Pine Ridge needs today.  He is what every school system needs today.

Jim lived across the park from my family and I often would go over to visit him while in high school.   He shared a beer with me from time to time when I wasn't playing sports.  At that time he had no children and he treated me like his own.  Jim was the first person to tell me that spending more funds on public schools was never intended to improve educational outcomes. It was always meant to funnel more money to teachers and unions. 

Society is corrupt to the core and full of grifters at all levels looking to cash in on government money.

Your congressman, school teachers, college professors, large corporations, physicians, etc. the list is endless.

Do you hear that sound?  Listen closely.

It is the sucking on the big government teat.

On Fathers Days, every kid needs a FATHER, not a sire.

And that, is one of the biggest problems for America.

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