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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Biden at the G-7 on Fathers Day

If it weren't so sad it would be comical.

The clown show in the Biden Administration has no strategy for anything.

They botch everything they do and then some while criticizing other countries for not having a "clear strategy".  Would someone please ask these governining misfits what is America's clear strategy in Afhanistan, in Iran, and in the Ukraine besides making billions more for the Military Industrial Complex?   Our strategy seems to be simple, enrich further the MIC.

Watching Mr. Potatoe Brain is like watching a small disaster about to happen except the disaster is the American economy and the American people. 

Speaking of Biden, his treasonous son, Hunter Biden is untouchable.   The goons doing the investigation of Hunter Biden have an ENTIRE LAPTOP of criminal activity at their disposal and they choose to go after him for lying on a gun application?   GMAFB!!!  

They only chose to pursue charges that would NOT lead back to the President.  See?   Be a good boy now, take one for the GIPPER Hunter and Dad will be just fine.  Besides, your pardon is coming soon. 

So, where is the strategy in Chicago, Baltimore, or St. Louis to make life better for the white and non-white populace?    Not a father in sight, no work ethic, living off the government's proverbial hind teat while drugs, crime, and blight permeate the landscape of the unsheltered.

I see no strategy, I hear no strategy from the liberal left or the right wing led by the joke from Louisiana, Mike Johnson, who supposedly represents the right from his position as Speaker of the House.   He doesn't represent America.  He represents Zelensky better.

Trump by a land-slide.

Americans can see through the charade. 

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