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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Hunter Biden Poem

An oldie...but too good not to share today on the guilty verdict.  

Hunter, Hunter whores on the couch

What's today's drug of choice in your pouch

What are you smokin'; is that parm or crack

Give daddy the money, he'll keep you on track

Ukraine to China he ain't no slouch


From hookers to in-laws he'll screw them all

The POTUS' son is having a ball

His daddy will say it's ok to cheat

As long as you pay me for milking my teat

But if you get caught you'll take the fall


Just like the rest of the Biden clan

Grabbin' his share was always the plan

It's good to have people to pave the way

With daddy as POTUS it's been pay to play

With kickbacks he was the 'big guy's' G-man 

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