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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Things are good and getting better!

Clown world all around.    Saturday I witnessed a tremendous spectacle of fraud and fake by a couple of airline passengers going to Nashville from Cabo.  More on that later, with pictures.  It's amazing the gall of people.

It doesn't end there.  The climate grifters, always yelling about climate change hysteria, the MSM, the deep state, the rise of PC speech, Fauci,  the lies and the money,  the idiots from Hollywood talking trash,  the tranny nonsense, the invasion of millions of criminal aliens, and the vast number of government employees that seem to be making a small mint off of theft, graft and corruption of every sort. 

Today the S&P 500 is on track for a new high, even though...

• More NYSE issues are hitting 52-week lows than highs
• More NYSE issues are declining than advancing
• More NYSE volume is flowing into losers than winners

Long RSP and SPY.  What's not to like?

Life is good.  All is possible.  Big ups to all who have weathered the rough stuff.  It's getting better every day in my world! 

Stay hard. Keep hammering.


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