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Tuesday, July 02, 2024

On Americas Birthday

Admit it.   The clown world we live in is starkly different from what you hear and see from the demented boyz and galz in the MSM these days.

If Biden were sharp and had an off-night last Thursday he would have been out and about on the talk shows doing Q & A's with media pundits to proclaim how great he is physically and mentally.  Instead, they trotted him out (in the early evening) to read again from a teleprompter about how bad the Supreme Court Justices are!  

You can't make this up!   A tool of Obama, now President!

Here, check this out from ZeroHedge today while you are here .......

"Speaking with Axios while the Biden family met at Camp David on Sunday, White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates insisted: "Not only does the President perform around the clock, but he maintains a schedule that tires younger aides, including foreign trips into active war zones, and he proves he has that capacity by delivering tangible results that pundits had declared impossible."

Except (you know it's bad when...) journalist Carl Bernstein told CNN on Monday that there have been at least 15 occasions in the last 18 months "where the president has appeared like he did at that horror show (his debate performance)," and that in the last six months, there have been a marked cognitive decline that has caused some of his sources to approach Chief of Staff Ron Klain to express concern."

Biden has dementia.  You know it, I know it.  But remember this, all it takes is a girl between the ages of 4-12 to be spotted by Joe Biden and he is unstoppable.  Ask Jill if you don't believe me.  Or just look at all the video clips circulating around on the internet of Joe touching them up.

One more thing,  a 6 handicap?  GMAFB

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