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Wednesday, July 03, 2024


Yesterday, July 2nd, I happened to wade into an office that supports the delivery of health care. 

I had to wait a bit to pay a bill and was sitting in a waiting room of fellow Americans.  I could barely contain myself with wonder and bewilderment.

When will the average American stop and smell the roses?

You don't need a health care professional to give you permission to be healthy.  No Sir, no ma'am you don't.

No Doctor or Nurse needs to give you the go-ahead to better yourself with better health.   

Why don't you just do it yourself?  Get the ass off the couch.  Put down the sugar water.  Give up food out of a box.  Walk.  Run.  Swim. Stretch.  Drink water.  Stay away from sugar.

Give up drinking alcohol.   Give up all the dam medicine you are taking.

Throw the medicine out and start eating an apple a day, an orange, a banana, a salad, some meat.

Take a few vitamins.  Drink more water.  Move about.  Just get off your fat lard ass and start moving.

If you think for a single nanosecond that health care and Big Pharma give a rats ass about your health and getting healthy, think long and hard.

Think again.   America is toast as far as health.  You don't take drugs to lose weight.  You don't take pills for this, for that, for most everything.  Pills suck.  American health care sucks.  Ask any honest provider of health care.

And the health of America sucks.   Look at the obesity in America.  Look at the lard asses walking around in every store, lined up at every fast food place, lined up at the Doctors office.  Maybe they will all die from ink poisoning down the road.    It's a shit show out there and Doctors are making bank daily.   Good on them!

Profiting at the expense of stupidity and laziness, the American way.       

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