Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama, the Master-of-Disaster

President Obama loves the campaign trail.  Raising more money is what it is all about.  He needs to lay off the beans and burrito's though.   The political ploy to turn criminals into citizens is more than brazen but that is his M.O.

With this Master-of-Disaster there no end to his niche pandering.   First,  he caters to the homosexuals and tells them gay marriage is OK. Then he caters to the financially irresponsible and promises them $3000 to buy thingamajigs. Now he caters to the illegal immigrants and says they can have jobs as long as they haven't committed a crime. (Ignoring the central fact that their existence in this country is a crime!) What's next, amnesty for eco-terrorists?

Legalizing over 800,00 illegals and adding them to compete with Americans for jobs should do wonders for unemployed Americans looking for jobs.  I would think Jesse and Al would be pissed.

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