Wednesday, June 13, 2012

JPM Bribery

Those bribed by Jamie Dimon are asking questions of the same person who paid them. That this theatrical hearing will be a farce is by well known by absolutely everyone. The reason it's called a bribe is simple.  When it comes to "purchasing" a room full of Senators (not to mention the script for today's "hearing"), JP Morgan is always at the top. It cost JP Morgan just under $1 million, or $877,798.00 to be precise in lifetime campaign contributions, to buy itself precisely one Senate Banking Committee.

And where it gets really fun is that between the Chairman, Tim Johnson (D - SD), and the ranking member Richard Shelby (R - AL), JP Morgan has been the top and second biggest campaign contributor, respectively.

Also, 9 (at least) of the total 22 members of the committee have received some form of bribe from JPM over the years.
The average clueless American hasn't a grip on the fact that lobbyists spend over one billion dollars per day inside the Beltway.   No wonder we are headed the way of Greece, Italy, Spain, etc.

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