Monday, April 25, 2011

Milton High School, Milton, Georgia

Wow.  What a momentous occasion and frankly impressive.  Tonight was the start of spring football practice for rising freshmen at Milton High School.  The grid iron stars of the MHS Class of 2015 were on the field running drills.   What was really neat was the presence of three people affiliated with the program.

This program rocks.  There was the Head Coach, I believe they have nicknamed him Coach D, the athletic director and the high school principal.     All three who surely could have been doing other things other than watching 8th graders slip and slide on wet grass.   It was a good feeling to see and to note that the athletic director and principal were out and about amongst the parents, fielding questions and introducing themselves.

Refreshing for sure.   And just three more reasons why Milton High School is a class act.

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