Sunday, April 03, 2011

Kongresscritters Klueless..........

In fiscal year 2009 Congress borrowed 53.5 cents of every dollar they spent. In FY2010 they borrowed 48 cents of every dollar. So they’ve borrowed and spent 3.5 Trillion to produce 255 Billion in GDP growth (7% efficiency!), never even bothered to pass a budget for FY2011, and still haven’t managed to get a single bankster put in jail. Now the whores are lecturing us about “moral obligations."   If it weren't so sad it might be funny.

They also swear they’re gonna straighten up and fly right this time. There is one little detail they forgot to mention – no one actually wants to lend them money.  Nobody wants to buy U.S. Treasury bonds.  Not Gross of PIMCO, not Buffett.  Not Chippewa Partners.

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