Sunday, April 17, 2011

Georgia and Bank Failures.........

Georgia has been one of the hardest-hit states for bank failures. Sixteen banks were shuttered in the state last year. The shutdowns of Bartow County Bank and New Horizons Bank this weekend brought to eight the number of bank failures in the state this year.

I think we can break last year's record here in Georgia!  

Ever notice and wonder why there is no more accountability in the world these days? Wall Street executives  steal our money and receive bonuses, but, no one goes to jail.  BP, Haliburton and Trans-ocean can kill 9 U.S. oil workers, spill millions of gallons of oil in our oceans and pollute our shores, but, no one goes to jail. Japanese officials can falsify safety reports, poorly plan for natural disasters and release radio-active waste into the environment, but, no one goes to jail. U.S. Senators cheat on their wives, bride their staff and break lobbying laws, but, no goes to jail or even loses their seat in the Senate. Former presidents can torture people, lie about taking America to war, killing thousands of Americans and running-up the U.S. federal deficit, but, no one is accountable

And nobody goes to jail!

What a country.  Only in Amerika!!!!!!!!

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