Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Israeli Weaponry, 2011

My oldest son is an engineering student at Georgia Tech and instead of gracing the skin-filled beaches of Florida for spring break we took him on a family trip to Israel. He was glad he went! As a family we enjoy the shooting sports and we had an opportunity to spend a morning at an Israeli Defense Forces military training facility. We were able to shoot every "machine-gun" type weapon that is in use for the Israeli army. Only one of the rifles we fired was fully automatic, the rest all semi-auto. My preference was the M-4!

Although lasers were not used for sighting, (lasers can be locked onto by the enemy), the red-dots in the scopes were really the ticket to shoot some tight rounds. My only wish is that we all would have had better ear protection once the firing began. And a special thanks to the guy who did all of the clip loading for us. He really saved some time. Here is a picture of sons, Hunter, Jordan and ol' Dad!

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