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Saturday, September 08, 2012

This is Wade Nelson, talking straight!!!!

Wade runs a great web site at

Wade calls it like it is........

OK, I will come right out and say it. I don't like anything about this guys (Obama's)  program and I am extremely concerned about where he is pushing this country. I know, he told us that he was all about fundamental change but I am sure that most people did not understand what he really meant. Now, almost four years later there can be no excuse for misunderstanding. He believes that more government, less responsibility and accountability on the part of citizens, er, those that live in America is the way to go. I disagree with every fiber of my being.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not a big fan of the current bunch of Republicans either. They have been equally culpable with the Dems in creating this mess (can you say sequestration) but I still believe there is a difference, however minute, in their approaches. If it were up to me I would fire all of them and start over but in leu of that, the Republican ticket (mostly because of the addition of Paul Ryan) is the lesser of the two evils.

Let's take stock of where we are right now as a country. We are $16 trillion in debt. Real unemployment (U6) is at 15%. The U.S. Tax code is more than 73,000 pages. Participation in welfare, food stamps, and disability programs is up dramatically. Our education system is producing students ranked worldwide as average and on a downward trend. In terms of politics, religion, gender, economics, sexuality, race, culture, morality, social class, and age, this society is more fractured than ever before. Political correctness slash sensitivity has run amok. The value of America as a brand around the world is falling. Morale and confidence in what the future holds for us is dropping. 66% of us believe that we are headed the wrong direction, the rest of us must be distracted by internet porn, the Kardashians, or Facebook which btw has lost half of it's value since going public and is still over valued in my opinion.

So, the way I see it, we are at a crossroads folks. We have an important choice to make in November. Are we going to side with those that take advantage or those that take responsibility? Future generations are going to look back at this time as a critical point. Will they blame us or praise us? I am voting for my childrens future.

Oh, for your information, I am a conservative and a registered Independent (for more than 20 years).

Lastly, it says E PLURIBUS UNUM on the Seal of the United States for a reason. Out of many, one or one from many. How ever you translate it, the meaning is the same. Diversity doesn't make us stronger, it makes us divided and weak.
EDITORS NOTE - I received a big response to this post and let me just say that I am not trying to persuade those of you that support Obama. Experience has shown me that is no more possible than them persuading me. It reminds me of the argument between hunters and anti-hunters, both camps are entrenched and heavily invested in their positions with neither able to change the mind of the other. And that is fine, you libs are entitled to your opinions regardless of how utterly absurd and wrongheaded they might be.

By all accounts, conservatives still out number liberals in the United States by a significant margin. This post is a call to action, my way of trying to get the majority to understand what is at stake and to act accordingly. If you don't, and he wins a second term, you have only your own apathy to blame for what happens as a result.

Much has changed since the birth of this country but we still have the power to impose our will by voting for candidates whose core beliefs are consistent with our own. We simply have to do our homework, act and see that our friends do the same.
Thanks.Wade Nelson
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