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Monday, September 03, 2012

Europe's Money Problems

My first trip to Europe was in 1977, the year after I graduated from college.  I've had the good fortune to go back many times since.  Over the centuries, across Europe there have been many battles fought.   Today, there is a whale of a fight brewing and it may come sooner rather than later.  It's a fight for money.

It all comes down to this;  money and how much of it and under what circumstances and whether the nations with capital are willing to hand it to their neighbors and watch their credit ratings, their own cost of funding and their standards of living decline.

I will say it again.  Europe is in financial trouble.   May America  do the right thing and keep the printing presses from running to bail out any or all of these ignorant nations.   Our children and grandchildren deserve the best of what America has to offer.  My late Mother, Betty Parisian, always said to me that,  "God helps those who help themselves".   Let's leave Europe alone to help Europe.

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