Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama Math doesn't work any longer.......

To the millions of parasites who feed off our taxpayer dollars, who expect the government to provide a cradle-to-grave lifestyle, Obama is their man.   Obama loves the American taxpayer.

To him, "Fair = More".

To Dean Parisian, everybody in America needs to have some skin in the game.  A vested interest.  Like a flock of Canadian geese who fly in a "V" formation to make it easier for the flock to advance,  in an easier and smoother manner, all Americans need to have some economic "skin" in the game to make America a better place.

The leeches need to go some place else.    Or have mandatory work requirements.  Mandatory drug testing and EBT cards that can only purchase food staples. Since Obama took office, nothing is better, not a single thing, at home or abroad. And Obama has offered no recognizable plans, no new proposals, no substance at all, for making things better in a second term. 

This presidency is a disaster.

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