Sunday, May 13, 2012

They just don't get it..........WHALE GATE

The media pundits were having a field day with the Whale-gate nonsense at Sir Jamie's bank.

For the few bits I caught all weekend I didn't hear jack about the real story.   It seemed everybody was concerned with a bank taking a couple of billion dollar loss.   Geez, why shouldn't they lose a couple of billion here and there, after all, with Sir Jamie on the Fed Board and the ability to borrow unlimited funds at ZERO interest rates you would think they have an unlimited  number of printing presses that would only coin money.   The real story is that there is no regulation of the whales.  The real story is the lies coming from bank managment.  The real story is not a couple of billion in losses it is that the bank is taking, with speculative money, in excess of $100 billion dollar bets.  

Isn't that just plain wrong?  I wish a whale would roll over all of these bankers and extinguish all of their crap that is bought and paid for by taxpayers.   Jamie, the pundits are having a field day.

You apparently have been out in left field.   Stay there please!  I'm tired of taxpayers ponying up for all the losses and the bonus's for bankers hitting 8 figures.  Anybody else sick of it too?

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