Monday, May 21, 2012

"Dead Woman Laughing", Daphne Ashbrook

Although I didn't pull up a beer to read it, Daphne Ashbrook did a great job in the memoirs of life in front of a camera and her life trying to get in front of the camera.   For the millions of broken dreams, (California is littered with them), Daphne made it to the top.   If you know anyone remotely serious about living life as a Hollywood star and most importanlty, making it happen, this book would be a great read.    Here are some more comments on the book.   Unfortunately I wasn't able to buy it on Amazon.

Witty, self-effacing and painfully honest; the themes of life, death and laughter come together as Daphne Ashbrook recounts her many on-and off-screen scrapes with mortality.
Packed with rich anecdotes from her career in TV, stage and film, this refreshingly candid and conversational memoir spans a childhood in a theatrical family to pulling back the curtain of Hollywood, revealing the glamour and ridiculousness of a business mired in a struggle between art and profit.

Reflecting on her life and her career, Daphne discovers the surprising patterns and hilarious absurdities that accompany being a modern-day professional actor. The result is an amusing, informative and intimate memoir, enhanced with over 50 colour photos from Daphne’s personal and working lives. So pull up a barstool, grab a beer and lose yourself in Dead Woman Laughing."

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