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Sunday, February 20, 2011

My best visual from the Super Bowl weekend.........

No, it wasn't Demi Moore parading around in Jerry Jones box like an 8th grader who was poured into her pants, nor was it John Madden holding court with anyone and everyone nor was it the massive board room at COWBOYS Golf Course where Jerry holds court for his business dealings (actually I stumbled into the room by accident and just had to sit in the leather chair at the head of the table for a look-see).

My best visual of the weekend was on the way to the Super Bowl in the white limo that must have held 16 of us and a driver that if truth be told had no business driving that beast because if corner curbs were points he would have won big! We were to park the limo in the 6 Flags Over Texas parking lot and supposedly be shuttled to the front of the stadium. The traffic was moving slowly and we were next to a very pretty blue body of water that after pulling up my Swaro El's showed a large number of Shoveler in full spring plumage and some Coot. My fellow limo riders couldn't figure out what I was looking at so my usual retort of "I'm a bird guy" caused no undue consternation. My eyes panned the spring-like blue color of windy Texas water and there for a brief millisecond I spotted the white. I kept looking, the limo kept moving and I thought what I had spotted was my imagination but there he was, in full spring plumage, in all of his beauty. Swimming fast into the wind, I believe mate-less he was diving into the lake bottom and spending little time in the sunlight on top of the shimmering waves. There is just something special about a bull canvasback in the spring.

Seeing that white was great icing on a Super weekend in Dallas. My fellow limo riders simply missed it.

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