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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

July 5th..................

With the year half-over the Nasdaq is down 5.5%, the Dow is down 4.7% and the S&P is down 1.7%. Seldom do I ever make macro predictions but I feel the 2nd half will have a good week/month/quarter which will make a huge difference in 2005 performance returns.
The weekend was spent without great health. A nasty ear ache engulfed my senses and I did not run the worlds largest 10-k road race, The Peachtree. Next year. Also enjoyed a family reunion on my wife's side. This weekend will find me in a remote part of the United States at my high school class reunion. Wish it was my 10th!!!
Summer trading may slow considerably and I look for stocks to bore trading desks. Things may get slow although deal activity may heat up. It looks much cheaper to buy assets/companies on the floor of the NYSE than build them youself. Just ask the Chinese. And no shortage of private equity boys to join the fray.
We await the roll-out of the first high yield bond exchange traded fund. Interesting and timely.
I hope the first half of 2005 has treated you well. The main thing is to have the right priorities in life so that life is in balance. That is the key. Health and family first. At the end of the day, nothing else really matters. We are ready for the 2nd half of 2005. May it be the best ever.

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