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Monday, July 17, 2023

TO: Victor Niederhoffer 11/10/2010


Dear Victor,

One day long ago a cane arrived and my very sincerest “thank-you” is in order.  My Dad, my biggest hero nearing age 88, is using your cane every day on the White Earth Indian Reservation where we are members.   Dad loves the cane as it is a step-up from the diamond-willow cane he had used for years and which had been cut in 1937!   I had your cane proudly displayed in my office and when Dad was sitting here he tried it out and hasn’t put it down. 

I am the grandson of two very respectable trappers and was raised on wild, remote Indian reservations across Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.  I put myself through college in the 70’s by trapping fox, coyotes, coon, mink, badger, muskrats and beaver and do business with a number of clients who are active in all facets of the trapping business.  

I had bit of a “view” into your CT home by way of the YouTube videos done by the Asians and wasn’t quite sure how you might display this gift but I think it unique and Aubrey someday may appreciate   what it represents, as the oldest corporation in North America is the Hudson Bay Trading company.

This is a lethal trap so make sure when Aubrey gets a bit older and stronger he brings a healthy dose of respect to what this trap can do.  It is designed for fox and can easily hold coyotes.  It was designed and manufactured by a client, Rob Caven who is part of the team at Minnesota Trapline Products.

If Aubrey ever wants a trapping lesson on canines I would be elated to be his instructor.  Trapping bobcats, fox and coyotes is much easier than taking money out of the market every day.  The reasons why animals get caught never change.   If the Chinese ever decide fur is fashionable again it might even get me back on a trapline in serious pursuit.  Now I trap for the fun, to teach the skills to my sons and to get out and enjoy the bounty of beautiful renewable resources.  I hope the gold overlay will always reflect the brilliance which you share your life’s journey.  Thank you for helping make me a better speculator and catch more in the market. 


Dean Parisian


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