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Saturday, July 29, 2023


Every time I hear the words "new drug" or "wonder drug" I smile.

At my age the hype is wearing thin.   Here is a picture of some locals going to work at a factory back in 1943.  Just random Americans working 24/7 during WWII.  Note their body fat composition.  Note their frames.  Note the muscle and lack of obesity. 

Compare these workers to Americans you see today at the grocery store, at the mall, at the theatre, at church, at school, or at the beach.   We don't have health care we have a BIG PHARMA epidemic.   We have a health care system out of control.  We have a FOOD system totally out of sync with the body.  

A couple of weeks ago a relative had to spend a night in the hospital for observation after a fairly minor procedure.  You are fairly brilliant for reading this so go ahead, take a guess what they were  billed for that one night in the hospital?

Okay, so he is on Medicare.  You pay for that as I do.    



For an overnight in the local hospital.  Covenant Medical Center. 

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