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Monday, July 24, 2023


I preach often on the importance of children across the world being raised and educated in a 2 parent household, preferably with biological parents.   A 55% divorce rate is decimating 2 parent households. Look around, ask any elementary school teacher what they are up against in the classroom.

Fatherhood is the single greatest role a man could play in society. I can’t think of a single greater factor than to advocate for, edify, uplift, encourage, and support fatherhood, especially on Indian reservations today. There are a lot of problems in the world. Most of them will improve when we improve the condition of a strong fatherly presence in a 2-parent household.

The greatest aspect of my entire life was to become a father.

Don't believe the lies of the world telling you otherwise.

Anyone stating that they are happier married/single and childless is lying.

Lying to themselves.  

Until the State and National Governments stop the incentives for grandparents and others to be "raising" children we will continue with substandard levels of healthy, intelligent, hard working, motived American youth.  

Do not co-parent with the United States Government.  Growing up in a single female head of household is the greatest indicator that a child will live in poverty.  Return fathers back into families and you will see a vast improvement in the first generation raised within a proper nuclear family.

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