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Monday, July 10, 2023

Indian Country Compassion

I have been around long enough to witness enough "compassion" to last 100 lifetimes.   Look at the state of Indian Reservations in the United States today.

Democrats at work.   

I remember well, every year the winter coat drives for residents in Pine Ridge, the untold hundreds of volunteers who showed up to paint a building while the healthy, able and unwilling youth did nothing to help. It was a circle jerk of feel-good combined with doing something that might help the "poor" and impoverished" Native American communities.  Paint is what they don't need.  Cancer doesn't relish a band-aid.   Where are the fathers?  Where are the college educated?   Where are the half-way houses?  It is still a circle jerk of government largesse ie tax dollar give away programs.

Compassion to this Chippewa is the large number of reservation residents who are achieving success and GETTING OUT of government programs, government hand-outs,  and away from government period.

That, my friends, is real compassion.

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