Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Yellen Fed

I knew it.   The 6.5% unemployment rate benchmark was a smokescreen.   They now are changing their tune and the printing continues on its merry way.

Spending billions upon billions these Fed honcho's are running blind and running scared.  The music will stop and the ship will give up the rats.

This won't end well.  As usual the average American gets what he can't even see coming at him and his grandchildren.

It really is a sick, twisted situation.   Talking about getting inflation UP to a 2% rate and not including food and energy increases is a slap in the face to America.   We all consume food and energy.  

I hope some day in the not too distant future that somebody, anybody, inside the Fed will come out and let the world know about the linkage between the Fed and the NYSE.

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