Saturday, March 01, 2014

An open letter to America..........

Haven't you had enough?   Aren't there enough young men and women filling the VA hospitals that have been maimed in these last few "wars"?   Are you tired of hearing campaign speech after campaign speech from the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?   Tired of beer summits, shovel ready and lines in the sand?    Still think govenment creates new and great jobs with your dollars as a taxpayer?  Tired of the free shit army crowd that is sucking the work ethic right out of society?
Tired of watching generation after generation get "lost" due to single parents?  Tired of the prison population growing parabolic?  Tired of the NSA?  Still think Edward Snowden did something "wrong"?  Tired of watching your taxes go up and up?  Tired of government interference in your business life (if you have one).  Tired of worrying about what kind of America your children and grandchildren will grow up in?  Tired of the race-baiters?   Tired of political correctness?   Tired of the zombie society created with social media devices?  Tired of unions?  Tired of the NEA? Tired of the college scam?   Tired of the Federal Reserve, the single largest threat to the financial system today?  Tired of the algo's and high frequency trading and metals manipulation and gutless and paid-for regulators?   Really tired of the lobbyists who run the country?  Tired of Republicans and Democrats?  Tired of $17 trillion in national debt?

I am.    

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