Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Climate Change BS...............

Anyone else tired of the CLIMATE CHANGE goon squads?

These leftist fools are popping up all over the world and faster than Bill Clinton headed after an intern and for sure slower than Hillary Clinton trying her best to come up with the Rose Law Firm billing records. 

I wish the CLIMATE CHANGE fools would take a good hike in a nasty blizzard and stop the blame game.

It won't be long and there will be a specific reason that humans cause every single rough weather patch everywhere on the planet.  Imagine the WEATHER CHANNEL leading with the reason the Obama Blizzard of 2019 caused by too many cars backed up on I-95 due to a wreck and the gases being emitted were the root cause of a good northeaster!

Al "I invented the internet" Gore, amassing his millions must be laughing all the way to the Swiss bankers he knows.  

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